15 July, 2021

Integrations for an Inclusive R&R Software

Ease-of-use is an important parameter for any modern digital R&R platform. Often, organizations fail to get a higher platform adoption score, purely because employees find it challenging to log into too many applications. Frontline workers and contractual/gig workers across industries are often deprived of the benefits of employee rewards and various digital engagement activities because of their lack of access to mature devices. The other issue being witnessed is a platform’s limitation to function as a standalone solution, rather than being present where employees spend most of their productive time. The only solution for this is to adopt a flexible employee engagement software which can seamlessly integrate with the existing technology ecosystem and offer a mobile-first solution approach. This blog talks about the types of integrations organizations can look for, to ensure an increased R&R platform adoption rate among their workforce:

HRIS Extensions

R&R software vendors who offer an Open API architecture allow for seamless exchange of data between the R&R platform and the HRIS/HRMS platform of an organization. Custom HRMS connectors enhance real-time data availability, R&R analytics, as well as various customizations. Moreover, significant manual efforts and time are saved with a real-time data integration as updates amongst the workforce are reflected immediately. If preferred, self-serve SFTP allows for data handshaking to take place manually, wherein the HR team can upload data via excel sheets on an ongoing basis.

Collaboration Extensions

Recently, this has been found to be the most popular type of integration desired by HR leaders when they are setting up their digital rewards program. It includes integrations with mail or chat apps like Outlook, MS Teams, Slack, Yammer and even WhatsApp. These extensions allow data/event exchange between the two systems, and allow employees to access R&R functionalities from another application seamlessly.

Single Sign On (SSO)

A single sign on functionality allows for employees to use their organization’s username and password to log into the R&R software. There are several types of SSO platforms adopted by organizations, and an R&R software should have the ability to connect with these platforms with ease. This greatly boosts platform usage and makes employee appreciation feel like a part of the day-to-day.

Mobile Applications

In today’s remote world, our handheld devices have become natural extensions of our own bodies. To ensure that recognition is immediate, and, on the go, it is of utmost importance for R&R platforms to exist as robust mobile applications as well. This also enables on the ground workers like sales teams, channel partners, agents etc. to get immediate access to the portal without having to remember to recognize someone once they return to their offices.

Reward Integrations

Having integrations with vendors for benefits and reward fulfillment like products and e-vouchers from e-commerce giants, lifestyle, food or travel portals can give your employees the power of choice when it comes to redeeming points. Having a one-stop access to deals/discounts or getting relevant options for long-service or festive gift redemption is possible with an expansive digital catalog.

Digital Engagement software need to offer freedom and flexibility to their client organizations to pick, choose and integrate the features of their choice within their existing systems. This ensures that the platform is molded to match culture and not the other way around. Data security also plays an important role in enterprise-level integrations, which can be facilitated through stringent adherence to cyber-security standards like PCI-DSS, ISO, GDPR and specific governance guidelines. Perhaps the major advantage of having enterprise integrations readiness in a R&R platform is that it allows for organizations to build the R&R program around the needs of various employee groups, thereby accomplishing the goal of inclusion and end-user delight.