Staying real-time,


People are vital to the success of any brand. And when it comes to recognition in the Digital age, technology is simply an enabler.

Technology is helping us become more human and connected to each other. Organizations that leverage tech to introduce visibility, understand employee skills, appreciate customer loyalty, acknowledge distributor efforts, and equip management with data—stay efficient and empathetic by bringing out the best from their engagement programs.

Going beyond evaluating platform features and functionalities in isolation, data science provide a holistic view on trends in recruiting needs, team bonding, team assessment, behavioral analytics, and performance of the program. In other words, it’s all about syncing professional conversations with organizational interests. How?


Measure People, Not Cookies

Recognition is not just an art, it is a science; and it’s not driven simply by feelings. When recognition is driven by data, it encourages and inspires people do more. At Gratifi, we help today’s data-driven leaders take informed decisions with our meaningful and customized analytics reports and insightful recommendations. And that’s how we deliver the 360-degree connected experience—by not only winning the hearts and minds of your reward recipients, but also helping you measure and manage your recognition program.

At every step of your recognition journey, Gratifi scientifically identifies performance-oriented behaviour, making recognition more meaningful. Apart from celebrating wins, we nurture recipients and make appreciation more personal, transparent, and social. We help our customers take informed decisions that are data-driven, keeping gut feelings and knee-jerk reactions out of the recognition equation. We know that different organizations have different metrics for measuring performance. Gratifi can easily align with your KPIs and help you take decisions backed by data.

Be it the trends that resonate most across your organization, or the ones where your organization is lagging behind, Gratifi offers recommendations to derive more value from your engagement program, at every touchpoint.

The Best of the Best

Whether you are aiming at crafting a brand new engagement strategy or looking for ways to gain more mileage out of your existing one, we are committed to helping you win. We work across the board and help you answer vital questions about recognition, weaving a culture of appreciation into your social fabric.

We address your engagement needs with our detailed cross-learning approach spanning the realms of reward and recognition, digital transformation, e-commerce, and HR best practices across the globe. We offer you the best of our learnings, enabling you to be relevant in your employee engagement efforts.


Going Beyond Recognition

Effective engagement has more to do with building recognition into the daily routine, and less to do with making it a standalone event. At Gratifi, we create unique recognition moments that surprise, delight, and connect people to the bigger picture—which ultimately translates into loyalty.

Nowadays, appreciating a job well done or granting privileges to special customers is not adequate. Gratifi helps you reward loyalty with loyalty and keeps your employees, customers, and channel partners engaged. And that’s important for any organization’s long-term success.

Your workplace is evolving, but is your organization taking the right business decisions? It’s time to discard the dated notions of appreciation and ride the wave of the engagement future. It’s time to think Gratifi!

Forge lasting


Do you find it challenging to engage and motivate your diverse workforce, customers, and channel partners? Gratifi brings to you a consolidated digital platform that helps your employees to recognize, reward, and motivate each other, while engaging your channel partners and customers as well.


Dashboard-based Platform

Gratifi helps you reward loyalty with loyalty. It is a simple, dashboard-based, user-friendly platform that makes allocation, distribution, and redemption of reward points easy for everyone. So how do we do it? Recipients get a glimpse of their universe of reward points through a single login. Decision makers get org-wide visibility into the reward point distribution, imbuing accountability into the recognition process. Essentially, they can harness the power of data to get valuable insights into points distributed, frequency of distribution, and pattern of redemption. Such insights foster more informed decision-making, strengthening the bonds between recipients and organizations.

Intensive Customization Capability

We bend the pieces till they fit, like they were meant to be. Sit back while we take care of technical upgrades and sharing and pooling of reward points. What’s more, we take the hassle out of setting budgets and defining rules and offer your recipients new ways to celebrate together in a digital environment. Gratifi is pliable enough to align with your existing systems, policies, and organizational culture, keeping any teething troubles at bay – ultimately putting you in the driver’s seat.


Deep Engagement Insights

Meaningful social recognition is your end, and Gratifi has the means to help you achieve it. Be it your employees or channel partners or customers, recurring superlative performances, loyalty, and trust deserve nothing less than the best. Delight your employees by providing them a social platform to share posts, images, videos, and accomplishments with their colleagues, who, in turn, can like, share or comment on the same. Similarly, a communication board for your customers and channel partners ensures that they can stay in touch with your organization, paving way for a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.

Besides fostering a harmonic environment for all your recipients, Gratifi helps you get closer to them by listening to what more they expect from you. Reports on everyday moods, reward points distribution and redemption, unused reward points, among others, provide valuable insights into recipient behavior, thus contributing to the overall happiness quotient, eventually driving productivity.

Progressive Strides, Together

Opportunities increase when you help others win. Transcend discount schemes and commission rates, and delight your customers and channel and sales partners with regular surprises that motivate them to return the favor. With Gratifi, you can add value to your communication processes by reaching the complex nodes of your channels and clientele.

Every relationship stands on the pillars of mutual benefit, trust, and accountability. Gratifi strengthens these pillars so that you and your partners can together reap the fruits of long-term associations.




Recognition and motivation go hand in hand, and it seems easy. It is—in theory. While the concept seems simple, we understand that its implementation in real-world scenarios can be challenging. More so because, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach; what motivates one, may not necessarily inspire another.

So, why not contemplate an entirely new way to appreciate? We believe in moving the focus from simply applauding recipients to making them feel great about their achievements. When your employees, channel partners, and clientele feel good about their association with you, mere interactions transform into robust alliances. We forge long-lasting bonds by moving away from the traditional carrot-and-stick approach and making recognition a memorable experience. Here’s how we do it.



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