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6 December, 2022

Employee Gifting 101: 5 Benefits of a Corporate Gifting Platform

Gifts have been a way of expressing love, respect, and care since the beginning of time. The tradition of exchanging gifts among families and loved ones is a widely popular practice, mostly due to the feel-good element that comes with it. Similarly, within the workspace, corporate gifting essentially entails an emotional quotient that helps forge deeper connections with employees. It is certainly one of the most effective employee engagement strategies used by organizations across the globe to build brand awareness and foster brand loyalty. In recent years, the gamut of corporate gifting has undergone a tremendous change, with many organizations…

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7 June, 2022

Boost Employee Experience with Digital Corporate Gifting Solutions

Corporate gifting, the practice of creating meaningful touchpoints with employees, channel partners, and customers by celebrating important milestones and occasions, has been in the running since a long time. Furthermore, current trends suggest that corporate gifting practices will continue to grow in the next decade, with better personalization and enhancement to incur significant returns. Gifting, in its’ core essence, is based on the helm of a psychological construct- the one that makes an employee feel recognized and valued when eloquent moments are cherished and acknowledged by their employer. 94% of top business executives believe that gifting can impact a business…

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