Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty


Customer retention management based on incremental loyalty benefits


Extensive catalogue and last mile delivery of rewards


Customized brand portals to run contests for different segments of customers


Personalized microsite to enable customers to choose rewards

Automated customer engagement

Seamless customer loyalty program implementation and management- from program design, technology deployment to procurement and reward fulfillment. Easy data integration through synchronization with existing CRM/Ticketing system. Automated customer interaction workflows through in-store kiosks , printed brochures/catalogues and personal channels like email and SMS.

Rewards Redemption

Set up a loyalty points system which creates the maximum possible value for your customers every time they make a purchase. Accrued loyalty points can be used to redeem rewards in the catalogue like gift cards, physical products and experience vouchers. Rewards are directly shipped to customer’s home addresses with a quick turn around time.

Flexible workflow and rules

Design a customer loyalty program fitting the organization’s needs. Customers can view the loyalty program via a microsite with the company logo and brand colors. Personalization in gifting is present right to the level of packaging and delivery timelines.

Visibility and transparency

Complete visibility into redemption options and delivery timelines of physical gifts, for the organization or its customers, as preferred. Dedicated dashboard for customers to view their interactions with the brand like reward points and offers/privileges. The entire customer loyalty program is accessible from a single platform, along with reports and insights into orders placed, vouchers redeemed and orders delivered.

Gamification and collaboration

The platform comes with gamification elements to create a more engaging experience for your customers. Awarding badges, trophies and other virtual prizes as they cross milestones in their life cycle makes them feel acknowledged and boosts product adoption and sales. Customers can also connect one-on-one with your organization through communication forums and feedback modules available on the platform.

Build mutually rewarding customer relationships that outlast the initial transaction.