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Are you facing these common challenges with your R&R framework?

  • Recognitions are not done in real-time
  • Recognitions are not perceived as fair, unbiased, and transparent
  • Complex nature of award nominations
  • Dispersed teams for procurement, delivery, and tracking of rewards and gifts
  • Lack of recognition resulting in a disengaged workforce
  • Lack of employee engagement activities for a diversified employee base

Adopt a flexible and modular employee rewards and recognition software tailored to your organizational needs!

Why invest in an Employee Rewards and Recognition Program?

It is statistically proven that regular, timely, and meaningful appreciation can boost Employee Engagement. Engaged employees in turn stay healthy, perform better, and turn into ambassadors for your organization. A data-driven, unbiased, and transparent rewards solution like Gratifi helps promote equity, inclusion, and visibility across the organization, thus also helping organizations achieve their DE&I goals.

Choose Gratifi as your preferred Employee Engagement Solution Provider to:

  • FAQs and sales pitches for reference
  • Real-time product information and updates
  • Open and closed discussion forums

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