Timely gratitude makes


Recognition matters the most when it is done at the right time. Though most companies have an affirmative outlook towards it, executives tend to miss out on timely recognition. The reason? It is not considered a part of their formal job roles.

Gratifi aligns with the policies of your organization to create a customized engagement program for your recipients so that you can appreciate them at the right time.


Make Moments Special

Appreciation, done at the right moment, creates a greater impact. Raise a toast with your recipients to mark small moments of success, or celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. With Gratifi, you will never miss out on turning these milestones into joyful experiences for your employees, customers, or channel partners. We ensure your wish reaches them on time at the right location. When your recipients experience this level of engagement, they feel more connected to your brand at a personal level.

Offer the Freedom to Defer

Recipients can carry forward reward points for later use. They can enjoy the liberty to redeem their reward points anytime they want. What’s more? They can club their reward points for gifting joy to a colleague, family member, or friend on a special occasion. This ability to club reward points reduces the logistical and transactional burden on your organization, while empowering your recipients. With Gratifi, you can capitalize on the opportunities that are revealed every time recipients interact with the system.


Build Sustained Engagement

Gratifi supports your recognition initiatives with behavioral analytics that highlights the reward points utilization pattern of a recipient. For example, recipients can utilize their reward points to celebrate important events with their family members. Miles don’t matter when recipients can send gifts to their loved ones during festivities or on important dates. Your organization can use these insights to make customized gifting programs. You can also schedule recurring calendar events, thus opening doors to deeper engagement.

Extra efforts need to be acknowledged on time. Delayed or no acknowledgement reflects in the recipients’ perception and as a result, the organization’s business graph. Social recognition, flexible redemption, and deep engagement insights enable you to align your recipients’ attitude with your organization’s culture and brand perception.