Bringing out the best of engagement,


Welcome to a world of rewards and recognition! Making sure organizations and recipients know how the program works is a key factor to recognition success. We believe in making the engagement journey an insightful experience, delivering innovation, excellence, and business results. How?


STEP 1: Identification

Whether you’re on the lookout for a new program or need to redefine your existing one, our requirement analysis approach puts the wheels in motion for a culture of appreciation in sync with your organization’s policies. We assess three main parameters for creating and sustaining a recognition program, namely:
 •  Organization size
 •  Rewards frequency
 •  Data collation

STEP 2: Budget

Get a customized distribution of reward points through a digitized module for an intuitive engagement program. You can set the face value of reward points and the frequency of rewards according to your organizational norms. You can also allocate relative weightages to different recognition categories, as per your budget and the impact the activity has on the organization.


STEP 3: Ownership

Reward socially, not in silo. Every reward point is connected to a primary owner accountable for reward points distribution—which means, everyone in the owner’s vertical line of hierarchy owns distribution rights. However, the ownership is completely configurable according to your requirements; recipients can be included or excluded, based on pre-defined parameters, or the type of rewards they receive. What’s more? Users can log in and view their ‘universe’ of reward points.

STEP 4: Configuration

Compliment achievements and loyalty with a flexible program that is rewarding for both your organization and recipients. Based on the structure you desire, configure reward transfers, upgrades, exchanges, gift deliveries, and more. Also, from our extensive catalog options, select and curate your own catalog with customized products for your recipients.


STEP 5: Support

Spreading happiness should be simple, and that’s our motto. Gain complete visibility into your program with ease through a unified dashboard and customized action points at every step. Our platform is built to complement your organizational values, with recommendations at every stage.

STEP 6: Analytics

Measure success, track reward point distribution patterns, and make recommendations based on behavioral analytics with our insight-driven solution. Get a comprehensive view of engagement reports represented in graphical format for trend analysis. Also, capture all recognition activity within your organization—the recognition types gaining popularity, a digital trail of appreciation, and so much more.


A unified and transparent culture of appreciation equals higher levels of organizational and operational effectiveness, and enhanced engagement. Moreover, with the help of people analytics, organizations can understand social relationships and make better data-driven decisions to delight employees, channel partners, and customers.