Happiness Knows No Bounds


We understand that choice cannot be subjected to a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s specific to the organization and its requirements. Be it a timely ‘thank you’ or a milestone event, we at Gratifi, believe in upping your engagement initiatives by providing you and your recipients the flexibility of choice—what they want and where they want to receive it.


Bringing the Best of All Recognition Worlds

The key to a culture of engagement is to make recognitions visible for everyone to celebrate. Share your top success stories, wherever your recipients are. Our solution empowers your recipients with a complete mobile recognition experience because they can choose to appreciate and redeem their rewards on their mobile devices, anytime. The recipients can also decide how to use their (paperless) online vouchers—redeem the reward immediately for lunch, or save up points for a holiday abroad!

Experiences are Best, When Shared

Your recipients can create lasting memories with family and friends by choosing to utilize their reward points to ship gifts anywhere in the country for festivals, birthdays, and more. They can also choose to lend a helping hand by donating to causes close to their hearts. Recipients can gain more from the platform because they can decide how and where to use their rewards, eventually leading to a fulfilling experience.

We make recognition memorable for your star performers and the corporate gifting experience hassle-free for your organization by delivering the products at your workplace or your recipient’s home seamlessly. The good part? With customized delivery orders for your recipients, the shipping costs are borne by them, thus eliminating the logistical cost for your organization.


Programs, People, Performance, and Beyond

Get insights into the demographic data and preferences of your recipients, which, in turn, can be used for multiple purposes such as transfers, deputations, occasion reminders, or even carpooling. With demographic data, you can also track where your recipients prefer shipping gifts to—at the workplace, home, or any specific part of the country. Gratifi also provides your organization with smart predictive analytics in the form of dashboards and reports, enabling you to spot top performers, trends, and more.

With meaningful recognition and choice, appreciation feels less like a customary incentive, and more like an organic expression of gratitude. Your recipients are thus encouraged to bring out their signature strengths, and are more satisfied and motivated—exactly the kind of people you need to champion your brand.