Build a Culture of


Your employees, partners, and customers tend to be happier when you acknowledge what they mean to you. Most forward-looking organizations prefer a culture of timely recognition because it enhances human connect. Human resource executives today also advocate the idea of putting an effective rewards and recognition system in place.

However, recognitions based solely on ‘conventional’ automated systems may not touch a chord with today’s recipients, who are a growing mix of multiple generations. Such a scenario poses a challenge to businesses seeking to set up an engagement platform that is efficient, genuine, and aligned to the organization’s goals.

With Gratifi, you can either structure a new engagement program or transform your existing one to make appreciation more social, transparent, and cumulative. At every step of your recognitions journey, Gratifi helps you trigger performance-oriented behavior, or say a timely thank you. For organizations seeking to engage people, we provide a customized and comprehensive experiential program which goes beyond the monetary or momentary.


Not just Monetary

Most automated systems are focused on making rewards a monetary incentive. Gratifi’s automated reward and recognition platform helps you augment the power of a simple, virtual pat on the back by combining it with social recognition, which, in turn, fosters better connect. A robust recognition program like Gratifi, thus, helps recipients to experience recognitions and share the joy with their colleagues, friends, and family, while you establish stronger ties with them.

Not just Momentary

In-person recognition is a desired practice, but it is momentary. It becomes a lasting experience when the decision to redeem reward points rests in the hands of the recipients. Recipients can choose the redemption occasion, the gifts, and the delivery location. They can enjoy the flexibility to borrow reward points from a peer for a desired item. Or, they can make up the difference by a card payment at the time of redemption.


Not just One Winner

The Gratifi system tracks recipient behavior, providing valuable insights to organizations for shaping their reward and redemption strategy. It also draws upon the domain expertise of one of India’s leading online gifting portals to offer smooth end-to-end e-commerce store and operations capabilities, reducing the inventory and logistics burden on your organization. With the logistics hassles out of the way, the experience becomes smooth-sailing for the recipients as well, creating a win-win situation for both entities.

Gratifi goes beyond being just an automated recognition program for your organization. It is an appreciation engine driven by frequent interactions, nurturing a more productive mutual relationship and evoking a higher sense of satisfaction among recipients. For organizations seeking to sustain a growth culture, it is a smart retention policy in the long run.