As organizations worldwide witness high employee turnover rates, making your human capital feel appreciated has become more critical than ever. Gratifi can help you achieve this by weaving appreciation into the social fabric of your organization. It opens doors to a more transparent and cordial culture by enhancing the impact of recognition, making your employees your assets and promoters. It thus creates an ecosystem where both the employees and the employers emerge as winners.


Transparency Builds Trust

Gratifi helps in building a just system by enabling you to sync your own policies and rules for rewarding, the implementations of which are visible throughout your organizational hierarchy. You get a configurable microsite that can be integrated with your existing systems to build your own appreciation engine. You can manage registrations and define roles; and assign relative weightage to recognition categories. You can also set the face value of reward points, manage your program, and configure reward points distribution, while Gratifi takes care of reward fulfillment. Whether you’re on the lookout for a new program or need to update your existing one, Gratifi makes employee engagement seamless with every interaction.

Empowerment Brings Closeness

Happiness lies in having and making choices. Take the humdrum out of gifting and delight your employees by offering them gift cards, learning solutions, travel vouchers, and more memorable experiences. Empower them to choose what they want, where they want it, when they want it, and with whom they want to share it. Whether it’s sending a gift home for a festival or pitching in points to celebrate a colleague’s milestone, Gratifi ensures that recognition goes beyond the momentary or the monetary and becomes an experience to be cherished.


Social Connects Hearts

Never miss a thing. Employees can stay connected through user posts and know what’s trending across the organization in the form of leading performers, project milestones, latest highlights, and so much more on the Leaderboard.

However, recognition is rendered redundant without the perfect timing and accurate numbers. Make data-driven decisions and bring out the best in your workforce. How? Measure performance, track reward points distribution patterns, demographic data, and employee preferences. Also, get a bird’s eye view of engagement reports for trend analysis.

Staying connected with employees at the level of both the head and the heart, plays a big role for forward-thinking companies who wish to bring out the next big product, the next big capability or solution. But, it’s not just about distributing croissants on Fridays, and sending virtual birthday wishes. Gratifi’s insight-driven solution believes in recognizing the tremendous value employees deliver and bringing them out of the shadows—by helping them realize their full potential, scientifically.