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As organizations worldwide witness high employee turnover rates, making your human capital feel appreciated has become more critical than ever. Gratifi can help you achieve this by weaving appreciation into the social fabric of your organization. It opens doors to a more transparent and cordial culture by enhancing the impact of recognition, making your employees your assets and promoters. It thus creates an ecosystem where both the employees and the employers emerge as winners.


Transparency Builds Trust

Gratifi helps in building a just system by enabling you to sync your own policies and rules for rewarding, the implementations of which are visible throughout your organizational hierarchy. You get a configurable microsite that can be integrated with your existing systems to build your own appreciation engine. You can manage registrations and define roles; and assign relative weightage to recognition categories. You can also set the face value of reward points, manage your program, and configure reward points distribution, while Gratifi takes care of reward fulfillment. Whether you’re on the lookout for a new program or need to update your existing one, Gratifi makes employee engagement seamless with every interaction.

Empowerment Brings Closeness

Happiness lies in having and making choices. Take the humdrum out of gifting and delight your employees by offering them gift cards, learning solutions, travel vouchers, and more memorable experiences. Empower them to choose what they want, where they want it, when they want it, and with whom they want to share it. Whether it’s sending a gift home for a festival or pitching in points to celebrate a colleague’s milestone, Gratifi ensures that recognition goes beyond the momentary or the monetary and becomes an experience to be cherished.


Social Connects Hearts

Never miss a thing. Employees can stay connected through user posts and know what’s trending across the organization in the form of leading performers, project milestones, latest highlights, and so much more on the Leaderboard.

However, recognition is rendered redundant without the perfect timing and accurate numbers. Make data-driven decisions and bring out the best in your workforce. How? Measure performance, track reward points distribution patterns, demographic data, and employee preferences. Also, get a bird’s eye view of engagement reports for trend analysis.

Staying connected with employees at the level of both the head and the heart, plays a big role for forward-thinking companies who wish to bring out the next big product, the next big capability or solution. But, it’s not just about distributing croissants on Fridays, and sending virtual birthday wishes. Gratifi’s insight-driven solution believes in recognizing the tremendous value employees deliver and bringing them out of the shadows—by helping them realize their full potential, scientifically.



Loyalty still matters, it always will. Driving loyalty in today’s digital age is all about the quality of the experiences customers go through before, during, and after a purchase. Every experience makes a difference. The need to surprise and delight on a continual basis is a must for today’s customer. How? The answer isn’t more coupons, points, promotions, and e-mails. Enter, Gratifi.


Something for Everyone

Gratifi provides a robust and flexible framework to drive your loyalty program. Empower your customers to celebrate to the fullest by providing them an easy way to get more out of Gratifi reward and recognition experiences. The Loyalty Program Management Board customizes the face value of the reward points and the frequency of customer recognition according to your organization’s norms. You can also allocate relative weightages to various recognition categories. We provide a seamless onboarding experience, and integration and management of customer base. Customers can browse featured rewards and get quick access to their reward point summary including earnings, redemptions, expirations, and transfers.

Going Beyond Rewards

We understand that loyalty programs need to be simple to access, relevant to industry trends, and appealing to today’s digital consumer. Be it a simple treat or a big splurge, customers can redeem exciting gift vouchers across leading retail outlets, entertainment options, and more! Your organization can curate a product catalog from our extensive options and with our wide range of in-store and online partners, provide a fulfilling shopping experience.

Also, as you partner with India’s largest online gifting portal, you can leave the legwork to us while we smoothen the administrative creases such as inventory management and logistics for you. You can choose to allow your customers to upgrade in case of insufficient points, by paying through seamless payment gateways.


The Next Level of Engagement

Customers can access a communication board—a fun way to stay in touch with your organization for the latest updates—showcasing your organization’s achievements, highlights, trending topics, and so much more. Get the numbers right by accessing online reports to measure the performance of loyalty programs, customer offer redemptions, demographic data, and shopping patterns. How does it help? It enables you to make enhanced data-driven decisions and deliver better experiences to your most valuable asset—your customer.

Experience a million ways to thank your customers with our recognition-first program, Gratifi, which turns special moments into lasting memories. We believe in making the rewards journey memorable by designing relevant brand experiences, no matter what the occasion is.

Customer engagement doesn’t evolve from simply designing and executing a stellar program. What separates a good loyalty program from a great one is going beyond delighting, creating, and retaining customers—it’s time to rethink what loyalty really means in the digital age. Think Gratifi!

Inspire your sales teams


Motivation is more than just a quote or a poster on the wall. It’s a critical component of sustained sales success. Sales performance is contingent on the attitude of your representatives. Hence, keeping them motivated is vital.

For example, if your channel partners are selling products of more than one company, you will have to put in more efforts to gain their attention and support. They might promote the brands that give them the highest probability of scoring deals. After all, they need to meet their targets.

Every person requires different motivators that egg them on. Incentives can be helpful, but money can’t buy loyalty. Think beyond monetary benefits as differentiators for your partners. Think Gratifi!

Gratifi is an engaging program that combines the science of behavioral analytics with the art of rewarding to motivate, engage, educate, and reward your channel and sales partners. With Gratifi by your side, you can accentuate your incentive plan to accelerate your partners’ time-to-revenue. It makes motivation more relevant and impactful.


Reward Performers Their Way

With Gratifi, you can create an exclusive microsite for your company and integrate, automate, manage, and control your incentive plan for all channel partners within a single platform, in a transparent fashion. Also, you can make customizations to design and deliver creative programs that reinforce and extend your existing compensation plan. We can also tailor the program to suit your budget, while your partners get the flexibility to choose their rewards.


Connection is an energy that is created between people when they feel they are seen, heard, and valued. To improve your partner relationships, you need to connect in such a way that your network becomes an integrated part of your business and aligns to the same goal.

Through Gratifi, you can broadcast important information, product updates, or any other communication to keep your representatives well informed about your brand and products. It helps you to gain a deeper understanding of your channel network with behavioral analytics to identify inhibiting and enabling factors. Foster healthy competition among your sales promoters, appreciate their accomplishments, and inspire them to campaign for your brand.


Make Them Feel Special

People like to talk about you, when you make them feel good. Gratifi traces its roots to one of India’s largest gifting portals, and understands that people crave memorable experiences more than flitting material objects. Give your channel partners the freedom to choose a gift of their choice—from a wide array of gift cards, travel vouchers, learning solutions, and experiences—and our strong logistics network and operational capability will ensure that you delight them with anywhere delivery. Remind your partners that they’re special, on special moments or festive occasions, and build lasting relationships that drive them towards fulfillment of shared goals.

Good work needs to be followed by a reward for it to become self-rewarding. Gratifi offers a platform that enables you to define meaningful rewards and engaging promotions that encourage result-driven performance. Make your channel partners love your brand even more by innovating the way you appreciate.