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26 September, 2023

Empathetic HR Tech: The Benefits of a Modern Rewards and Recognition Platform

In recent years, the HR function has transformed due to the rise of technology, which has helped streamline and automate many mundane or time-consuming HR tasks like record-keeping, benefits administration, employee correspondence, and so on. However, there has been an evolving fear of technology preventing a human touch in HR. This blog aims to put forth the perspective that technology if used well, can augment the human touch in HR and help build an inclusive and empathetic work culture. It will also highlight the key benefits of using intuitive, people-centric recognition and reward software. The Role of HR Tech in…

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16 August, 2023

HR versus Technology: Can AI really take over HR jobs? 

In recent years, the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) has sparked a debate about its potential impact on various industries, including human resources (HR). With AI-powered technologies becoming increasingly sophisticated, the question arises: will AI truly take over our jobs in the HR sector? It may be the first time in history wherein everyone in the world is threatened by the scope of technology but also cannot wait to find out. A paradox of ‘what’ and ‘what not’ puts us in a confusing yet curious space, as every article we read about AI appears on our LinkedIn feeds! Here,…

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6 December, 2022

Employee Gifting 101: 5 Benefits of a Corporate Gifting Platform

Gifts have been a way of expressing love, respect, and care since the beginning of time. The tradition of exchanging gifts among families and loved ones is a widely popular practice, mostly due to the feel-good element that comes with it. Similarly, within the workspace, corporate gifting essentially entails an emotional quotient that helps forge deeper connections with employees. It is certainly one of the most effective employee engagement strategies used by organizations across the globe to build brand awareness and foster brand loyalty. In recent years, the gamut of corporate gifting has undergone a tremendous change, with many organizations…

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19 July, 2022

People Analytics: A Key Driver of Employee Engagement

An inevitable power shift in the employer-employee dynamic is taking place, and organizations across the globe are contemplating the adaptation to this workplace revolution. As traditional hierarchies are being replaced with flattened structures and agile teams, a fresh and innovational organizational culture driven by engaged employees is in line. But how does such an insurgency materialize? The truth of the matter is- organizations cannot envision a progressive, growth-oriented future without the help of digital tools that can enhance the overall employee experience. The contingency? Digital transformation is the path forward, and HR technologies such as people analytics are the way…

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7 April, 2022

How to Evade Proximity Bias in a Hybrid Workplace

As businesses trend towards hybrid working models that feature a mix of in-person and remote work, business leaders and HR departments across the globe are dealing with the challenge of proximity bias. Defined as the tendency for people in authoritative positions to show favoritism or give preferential treatment to employees who are closest to them physically, proximity bias can disproportionately affect remote workers and further compound existing inequalities. Although proximity bias has lurked in the background for years as one of the lesser-known evils damaging corporate environments, it has moved to the forefront now as a steady transition from remote…

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19 January, 2022

A brief guide on employee appreciation for your blue-collar workforce

Recognition, engagement, and appreciation has gleaned expansive prevalence amid the white-collar workforce, however, the extensive contribution of the blue-collar workforce in building a holistic organization has been gravely overlooked. Needless to say, blue-collar workers are the ground level warriors delegated with the Herculean task of manual labor which is the backbone of any industry. A Deloitte report asserted that three in five organizations (60%) are increasing the share of gig workers/blue-collar workers. Furthermore, an article in the CSR Mandate highlighted the importance of upskilling this facet of employees in order to upscale the Indian economy; there are over 450 million…

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22 April, 2021

Why standard reports and analytics are not enough for RnR

The current world of evolving workplaces demands organizations to be adaptive and make constant changes in their processes, policies and even their business models. Fluctuations in the economy driven by an unpredictable health crisis, have compelled leaders to focus on engaging and retaining their best talent. In such a scenario, it is imperative for organizations to have the right data to guide their employee engagement program. Basic analytics tools are already provided by RnR software vendors across the globe, but the relevance of the reports available and current visualization standards are being increasingly questioned by HR teams. In this blog,…

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