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17 January, 2023

5 HR Trends that will Define the Work Culture in 2023

In the last couple of years, workplaces have witnessed a plethora of challenges ranging from economic volatility, the Great Resignation, employee moonlighting, the shift to remote work, and global upheavals. HR leaders rose up to the forefront during these disruptive times, and learned on the fly as they mitigated unanticipated tribulations. As we step into a brand-new year, HR will continue to play a key role as organizations navigate through change and figure out their risk management strategies. Trends such as flexible working, diversity and inclusion (D&I), and employee wellness will assuredly reverberate in the next year as well, now…

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14 July, 2022

Simplify Employee Engagement with a Digital R&R Platform

The connection between employee engagement and business performance is well-established in the corporate world, with a multitude of research vouching for the positive impact of engagement. To paraphrase Gallup, “When taken together, the behaviors of highly engaged business units result in 21% greater profitability”. However, despite the rising awareness, most employers still struggle to deliver adequate employee engagement initiatives- leading to 86% of the global workforce being primarily disengaged while at work. Among the organizations that seem to have cracked the code to an engaging employee experience is one common strategy- Technology. Leveraging digital tools can indeed work wonders and…

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4 February, 2022

Enhance Employee Experience throughout the Employee Lifecycle

Great organizations are built from the inside out, thus, an engaged workforce is critical to move the needle for any growth-oriented business. This feat is accomplished by recruitment and subsequent development of top talent, along with robust Rewards & Recognition, all positioned around a shared purpose. But how do you ensure that your engagement practices are in line with your multifaceted workforce? Embrace the new era of Employee Experience! Global upheavals coupled with the Great Resignation has compelled organizations to shift gears, showcase agility in moments of crisis, and usher in a new work order. The contingency? Employee experience is…

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18 February, 2021

Ensure a Personalized Employee Onboarding Experience to Boost Employee Engagement

A quick and faultless onboarding of employees acts as the first step to a seamless employee life cycle. Moreover, as the economic recovery from the pandemic creates a surge in demand in a number of industries; hiring, retaining and engaging new workers is a top priority for organizations today. However, what most organizations fail to understand is that beyond formal documentation and offer letters, employee engagement starts from Day 0. A personalized employee onboarding structure acts as a precious opportunity to increase alignment, productivity and brand loyalty. In fact, Harvard Business School states that 23% of new hires typically leave…

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