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28 September, 2022

Gamification: How to Match your Organizational Goals to an Employee’s Personal Goals

As human beings, we enjoy the excitement and sheer gratification that comes from playing games- be it board games with family or virtual contests with colleagues. The idea of participating in a competition where it’s possible for us to win stimulates us more than simply going through a mundane office workday. This knowledge can be leveraged by HR leaders to implement elements of gamification in their total rewards program and engagement strategy. Gamification of both the recognitions process and the sales incentives process ensures higher adoptability of the platforms by employees and greater employee motivation levels. Gamification in behavioral economics has been used across…

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24 June, 2022

5 Ways an Employee Recognition Software Can Benefit HR

HR departments came into existence at the turn of the century with the primary objective of helping the senior management negotiate with their worker base, according to SHRM. Although this function is still in play, there has been substantial expansion of the HR role over the years, that cascades into numerous facets ranging from talent acquisition, recruitment, and hiring; to employee engagement, retention, and rewards and recognition. Today, we can find total rewards managers, employee experience specialists, and even chief happiness officers in most organizations, roles that are all committed to improving the overall employee experience. HR, Technology, and R&R:…

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2 June, 2022

4 Employee Rewards and Recognition Myths Debunked

If you are in the midst of strategizing a modern employee rewards and recognition program, having a clear, established vision along with a conscious understanding of employee engagement is of utmost importance. An objective mindset comes from a strong understanding of the merits of employee appreciation and giving credit where it’s due. Moreover, with companies accelerating their digital transformation journey to complement the hybrid nature of work, digital recognition is now acknowledged as a critical means of engaging a diversified workforce. Nonetheless, due to the avant-garde nature of such technologies, this space may be shrouded by certain misconceptions that can…

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19 April, 2022

The Role of Managers in Employee Rewards and Recognition

The HR gamut has undergone tremendous change over the past years with a seismic disruption taking place in the employee-employer dynamic. Studies have asserted that the relationship between an employee and his manager can have a direct impact on happiness and engagement levels; ergo, one in two employees have left their jobs to get away from their manager at some point in their career. This finding serves as an apt indicator of the significance of a manager in shaping an employee’s career lifecycle and doubles as a worthy reminder of the importance of capitalizing on a strong manager-driven employee recognition…

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12 April, 2022

Employee Engagement Strategies for a Team with Diverse Motivation Levels

The rapidly evolving nature of the world has been described by the acronym VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous). In such a multifarious era, people as well as organizations’ mindsets across the globe are undergoing phenomenal changes, resulting in a diverse, assorted, and compound workforce. Employees are now willfully aware of their contributions and glean the importance of being recognized for it. They also demand sustainable engagement practices that humanize the nature of work. Amid these transformative events, a new-fangled challenge that has emerged is engaging teams with diverse motivation levels. Thus, apart from devising contemporary employee engagement strategies that…

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17 February, 2022

Using Rewards and Recognition to Boost Productivity

This blog explains the significance of appreciating and recognizing your employees and how it can lead to an improvement in productivity. One Recognition can change a life! The single-most career defining moment for me was when I was working as a data analyst in a project involving spreadsheets and calculations. While I was struggling in the project, there came a day when I had to present my findings to the team. After the meeting, my boss walked up to me and said- your data wasn’t that good, but your presentation and speaking skills were amazing! You should actually be in…

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9 December, 2021

Enhance Employee Wellness with R&R Technology

Employee wellness and employee engagement share a symbiotic relationship deep-rooted in the ideology “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace”. The workplace wellness conundrum can be mitigated by the adoption of an apt rewards & recognition platform to incur a feeling of value and appreciation among employees. This blog navigates the salient connection between employee wellbeing and the need for appropriate employee appreciation & recognition in the workplace. Let’s look at the statistics Globally, depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy US$ 1 trillion each year in lost productivity. Depression and anxiety reduces cognitive…

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5 August, 2021

Engaging Off-roll Workers Effectively Through R&R programs

Off-roll employees form a major part of today’s workforce, be it offshore engineering teams, factory workers, agents, secondary sales channel partners or dealers and distributors. However, in recent years, it has become crucial to engage this cohort of employees owing to high attrition rates and the often challenging nature of work. In particular, industries like manufacturing, construction, automotive, logistics and pharmaceuticals are labor intensive and need their contractual workers to do the same type of monotonous labor day in and day out. While wages are an important factor for their job satisfaction, there are multiple other reasons they remain loyal…

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