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15 September, 2022

4 Employee Engagement Strategies to Combat the “Quiet Quitting” Trend

Quiet Quitting, the trend that is going viral on social media is a cardinal indicator of diminished employee engagement, where team members refuse to go above and beyond but fulfill the bare minimum requirements to retain their jobs. This phenomenon stems from a disproportionate work-life balance caused by the exorbitant hustle culture and impeding employee burnout. Quiet quitting can take many forms- Employees may turn down projects, take up only those assignments that require less effort, stop volunteering for tasks that fall outside their standard job description, and alienate themselves from coworkers and managers. A burning question that needs to…

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11 August, 2022

HR Challenges in the Hybrid Era: How Technology can Help

A clear trend of employee burnout and attrition has emerged over the past few years, as a result of momentous socio-economic crises and global upheavals. Organizations across the globe have been striving to get their bottom line on track and keep their sustainability in check by adopting flexible working models, initiating people-centric rewards and recognition programs, and focusing on holistic employee engagement. However, HR leaders have been facing the inevitable brunt of these circumstances as they are expected to spearhead workplace transformation, smoothen the shift to hybridity, and tackle the Great Resignation; largely on their own, which has resulted in…

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