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6 May, 2022

A Guide to Modern Employee Recognition Programs

The past few years have accelerated digital transformation across sectors, including the HR industry. A crucial subset of HR is rewards and recognition, which has gained immense traction as volatile uncertainty and high turnover grapple…

11 March, 2022

How appreciation can reverse the Great Resignation trend

The great resignation is a term used for a massive movement among workers around the world to quit their jobs- 24 million people quit their jobs in the second half of 2021 alone as per…

4 March, 2022

The changing role of CHROs in the brave new world of work

With the news of Leena Nair, CHRO- Unilever, becoming the global CEO of the French luxury brand Chanel, a wave of jubilation ran across the Indian HR fraternity. Have HR leaders finally gained recognition as…