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20 January, 2022

Features to Consider while choosing an Employee Engagement Software

Selecting the right employee engagement software can be pivotal to supporting your retention goals and creating the right digital employee experience in today’s VUCA world. Whether you’re looking for a better way to keep your workforce engaged or searching for a checklist for the right R&R technology vendor, you’ve come to the right place. This blog will help you in identifying your exact problem statement and list the key features offered by a premium technology provider. Problem#1 You want ideas on implementing a new R&R Framework from scratch An engagement technology partner works with multiple firms- often cultural leaders- to…

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29 October, 2021

Creating and Managing an R&R budget on a digital platform

When building a case for digitizing your firm’s R&R initiatives, an important question that always arises is- how do you ensure that your R&R budget is not exceeded? Or maybe, how can you optimize your R&R spend for maximum efficacy? Or- is my rewards budget framework in line with the industry best practices? This blog helps you answer these questions and ensure effective budgeting using your R&R or engagement digital platform. Step 1- Creating a Budget Framework When creating a budget for a digital rewards platform, keep in mind that unlike traditional methods, digital mediums offer the advantage of instant…

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28 September, 2021

How Positive Reinforcement leads to better collaboration in the workplace

Positive reinforcement, that is, offering a reward to encourage the repetition of a desired behavior, is now a popular practice in management. However, most organizations use it specifically in the context of monetary employee rewards for individual performance, overlooking the various ways in which it can be used to improve workplace culture and team connection. In this blog, we’ll explore how to use positive reinforcement for increased collaboration. Collaboration encourages united vision. When members of a team know that they are working towards a common goal, it becomes easier for them to view teammates’ wins as their own. It also…

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23 August, 2021

How to Use a Total Rewards Program to Increase Brand Loyalty

The demise of the traditional concept of loyalty has been in discussion ever since the CEO of Salesforce declared in 2017 that ‘loyalty is dead’. This popular refrain comes to mind yet again when one analyzes the increasing levels of employee dissatisfaction and attrition in the wake of the imminent ‘great resignation’ in the corporate world. Apparently, as the grip of the pandemic is beginning to ease, employees are willing to switch their job if it means enjoying a better work-life balance, benefits, career growth and overall wellness. The fatigue of the collective human tragedy and isolation seems to have…

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