Data Collation

Our first step involves identifying the size of the organization and the existing rewards structure. Organization data is synchronized with the platform through our open API architecture.


The next step is building a points-based rewards system, which is in alignment to your organization’s budget. This involves setting values for reward points and giving relative weightage to different categories of points, based on organizational requirements.


Every reward point is connected to a primary owner accountable for reward points distribution—which means, everyone in the owner’s vertical line of hierarchy owns distribution rights. However, the ownership is completely configurable according to your requirements; recipients can be included or excluded, based on pre-defined parameters, or the type of rewards they receive.


This step involves setting up the rewards catalogue, along with reward transfers, upgrades, exchanges, gift deliveries and non-monetary recognition categories.


This step enables easy accessibility and complete visibility into the entire program through a unified admin dashboard. Customized action points at each step to get the most out of your engagement program. Automated distribution of recognition and reward points.


In this step, we set up measurement tools for engagement/performance according to your organization’s KPIs. Extensive reporting for engagement trends and patterns is made available, along with insight through prescriptive analytics.


Simple Integration

Our open API architecture means that Gratifi can be integrated with any HRMS/ERP/CRM like SAP Success Factors and Oracle.


We offer the option of Single Sign On (SSO) functionality, which enables employees to use their own company credentials to access the platform.

Suited to your needs

Choose between real-time, batch mode or on-demand synchronization. We understand data integration sensitivity for specific businesses, hence we have provisioned middle layers for data handshaking. This ensures that there is no intrusion at a direct integration level.