Personalize your sales incentives and channel partner engagement strategies today!

Do you face these common challenges related to channel partner engagement?

  • Decentralized and cumbersome sales campaign management
  • Complex nature of incentive calculation
  • Lack of a unified communication channel for exchange of information
  • Challenges in data visualization
  • Tracking and managing distributed sales and redemption data

Harness the power of our automated sales incentive solution to drive motivation and boost productivity among your channel partners!

Choose Gratifi as your preferred Channel Partner Engagement Solution Provider to leverage these added benefits:

1. A centralized knowledge base for free flow of information

  • FAQs and sales pitches for reference
  • Real-time product information and updates
  • Open and closed discussion forums

2. Refer your Partners and Win Exciting Rewards

  • Our partner referral module allows you to win rewards through referrals using a microsite or mobile app
  • Applicable to distributors, retailers, employees, and wholesalers

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