3-in-a-box Approach

Gratifi helps people-centric firms implement a digital ecosystem for enhancing engagement with customers, employees, channel partners, sales teams as well as gig workers through a range of modules and features.

Gamified Engagement Solutions

Beyond Rewards

Scientifically Driven Recognition!

What goes in

Gratifi’s functionalities are continuously refined based on carefully researched behavioral economic principles.

These theoretical frameworks have helped introduce gamification elements to boost adoption, collaboration features to encourage peer bonding and even a patentedMood-O-Meter to enhance employee listening.

What goes out

Through its’ DataMart, Gratifi gives you access to myriad default reports on employee sentiment, recognition patterns across teams/managers/departments, redemption trendsacross geographies etc.

What’s more- build any report within Gratifi to get access to readable data in a format of your preference!

Discover an easy-to-use OnTheGo Recognition Experience with iOS and Android app availability

Words of Gratitude

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