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One of the major HR goals in the financial services industry is to bring the firm’s core values to life and keep employee engagement in check, while complying with regulations. Engaged employees lead to better productivity, profitability, and performance. Here are a few insights into the current industry outlook:

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How can Gratifi’s R&R Solution help Boost Engagement in the Financial Services Industry?

A holistic rewards and recognition program is the proverbial “glue” that can help engage banking and non-banking executives and staff alike. A recognition framework that enables instantaneous appreciation for noteworthy behaviors that go above and beyond the basic job responsibilities can be a game-changer in financial services, where customer service requests and interactions vary greatly, and the work day is wrought with unexpected and challenging situations.

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Why should organizations in the Financial Services Industry invest in an Employee Rewards and Recognition Program?

If the technological infrastructure is the hardware of an organization, the employees are the indispensable software that ensure the smooth functioning of the system. For financial services, the challenge lies in catering to a demographically diverse worker base, as well as having to comply with financial regulations.

  • Thus, it is very important for an organization to have clear defined R&R policies in place as well as its more essential that these are disseminated to the employees on time as well as benefits of these are read and understood.
  • The organization should ensure that the rewards and recognition are given instantly to the employees, so that it has a larger motivation to the recipient of the reward.
  • The R&R methods should have all important parameters covered which leads to cost saving, TAT improvement, productivity, and reduction in complaints.
  • The result-driven nature of the financial services industry demands clear guidelines and course-correction strategies that can help maximize the RoI of every organizational initiative. A digital R&R platform offers real-time insights and reports into recognition trends, reward preferences, adoption patterns, and mood discrepancies.

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