1. Do you have a mobile application for R&R?

Yes, Gratifi’s R&R platform is available as an Android and iOS mobile application along with a web portal.

2. What are the major industries that you have worked with?

Our clientele includes a vast number of large corporations majorly from the BFSI, NBFC, QSR, Manufacturing, IT, and Retail sectors.

3. Do you have an employee sentiment analysis tool?

Yes, our patented mood-o-meter helps capture employee sentiment at the organization, department, team, and individual level. Employees can set their mood for the day over the platform. Emotional index reports can be generated to examine and analyze the trends, that can help managers take timely measures to boost employee morale.

4. What are the ways of logging in to the platform?

Gratifi offers SSO (Single Sign-On) functionality, through which users can log in to the platform with their company credentials itself. Alternatively, an OTP login system can be configured or a separate set of credentials (a username and password) can be generated from our end.

5. Is the platform inclusive for all categories of employees, including blue collar and off-roll workers?

The platform is available as a web portal and a mobile application that is easily accessible to white collar employees. For employees who have limited access to desktops and smartphones, such as blue collar, off-roll, and contractual workers, we can install kiosks on the shop floor which can be used to log in to the platform.

6. Can the platform integrate with our in-house systems such as HRMS?

Yes, the platform can integrate with internal systems and software such as HRMS, HRIS, CRM, ERP, etc.

7. Do you provide any support channels?

Yes, Gratifi’s customer support team is available 24*7 via a customer care hotline, an Email ID, as well as in-platform support.

8. Can we give a non-monetary recognition through the platform?

Yes, recognition can be either non-monetary or monetary (with reward points, digital vouchers, coupon codes, or cash payouts).

9. Can employees recognize their peers through the platform?

Yes, the platform allows peer-to-peer recognition along with manager-to-employee and org-to-employee recognition.

10. How is an employee notified of the recognition?

The platform sends an automated notification to the receiver through multiple channels- Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and in-platform.

11. Can we control the visibility of the recognition?

Managers can give a private or public recognition through the platform. In private recognition, only the receiver will be notified. In public recognition, the entire organization/department/team will be notified about the recognition.

12. I want to incorporate my organization’s recognition categories in the platform. Is that possible?

Yes, the recognition categories on the R&R platform can be customized as per your organizational needs.

13. Do you have your own physical warehouse for storage?

Yes, Gratifi owns a warehouse for centralized procurement and disbursement of rewards.

14. Can I add my organization’s pre-existing/company-branded merchandize to the platform’s rewards catalog?

Yes, we can integrate your pre-existing/company-branded merchandize with our rewards catalog.

15. What are the payment methods provided for reward redemption over the platform?

Products can be purchased using reward points, UPI transactions, credit/debit cards, or co-payment (a combination of reward points and other payment methods).

16. How long does it take for the procurement and delivery of products?

The procurement depends on the type of product. Products are typically delivered within a week.

17. What locations do you deliver to?

Our robust logistics network allows delivery of products to over 20,000+ pin codes across India.

18. What are the employee engagement features available on the platform?

Gratifi’s R&R platform hosts a gamified employee engagement module. Key features include a leaderboard that showcases top recognition receivers and trending recognition categories, talent contest, team events, user posts, gamified quizzes, surveys, and a social wall.

19. Can we customize the surveys and the types of questions included in them?

Yes, we offer a DIY module which allows you to create and deploy your own surveys.

20. How do you get the output of surveys?

The output of surveys is extracted using data analytics and is made available in the form of reports, charts, heat maps, and dashboards for easy understanding.

21. Is it possible to share recognitions on social media?

Yes, users can share their recognition with colleagues, as well as on their personal social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Workplace.

22. How can employees engage with the user posts and other announcements?

Gratifi’ social wall depicts similar functionalities as any other social media platform. Users can post their thoughts in the form of quotes, images, videos, and audio clips over the platform’s social wall. Their colleagues can like, comment, share, and pin the user posts. Users can also tag their colleagues in the posts.

23. Can I customize the award categories and the workflow?

Yes, the award categories can be customized as per your organizational needs. Additionally, the award nomination and approval configurations can also be tailored to suit your requirements.

24. Can the platform trigger notifications for birthdays and work anniversaries?

Yes, the platform can send an automated notification for birthdays and work anniversaries over Email, chat, in-platform, and in-app. The notification can also be accompanied with monetary benefits, if needed.