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Recognition done right can transform your organization and inspire your employees, customers, and channel partners. All it takes is a sincere gesture to make them feel valued and respected. So how do we do it? Our value-driven platform helps you tailor your recognition program for the diverse needs of your audience, be it your human resources, your clientele, or your partners. We deliver a strategy that’s the right fit for your target recipients, offering them the flexibility to use their reward points the way they wish to.


Delight Multiplies When Shared

Sharing is caring. Give your human capital the freedom to celebrate their special moments with colleagues by sharing their reward points or sending customized gifts with personal messages. Goodbyes can be more sweet than bitter when you empower your employees to pool their reward points as a farewell gift to a beloved colleague or a get-well-soon memento to an indisposed one. Empower your customers and channel partners to redeem points collectively through groups of family and friends. Emotions are a good thing; strengthen those ties through Gratifi!

To You, From You

Recognition of exceptional effort goes beyond the virtual pat on the back; it needs to be ‘felt’—but does validation always have to be from the outside? Recipients can show themselves some love by shopping from a wide range of customizable accessories, home appliances, and fun experiences. Be it a coffee mug with your family selfie or a corporate football jersey, gift your people the joy of celebrating their efforts with badges of honor worth cherishing, thereby creating a work culture where people are engaged to bring their best—every day!


Make a Difference

As an organization, you can enable your recipients to make the world a better place by donating reward points to CSR activities. Our platform empowers recipients to select a charitable activity of the organization’s choice and the amount they wish to donate, with a single click. It’s that easy.

With smart data analytics, take the power of kudos and recognition to the next level as we partner with you to help you gauge your organization’s top talent, long-term partners, loyal clientele, and more. See the bigger picture on team chemistry and gain meaningful insights that can help you tweak your program, manage talent, and boost business results.