BlogEmployee Engagement Strategies to Foster Psychological Safety at the Workplace

Employee Engagement Strategies to Foster Psychological Safety at the Workplace

7 April, 2023

Employee Engagement Strategies to Foster Psychological Safety at the Workplace

Your workplace should be a place where staff members feel free to communicate their ideas and where those ideas are recognised, valued, and most importantly, heard. You should never be afraid to express your opinions out of concern for how they may be received. This is why every workplace needs to have a conversation about and promote the idea of psychological safety. Through honest and open communication, employee engagement tactics encourage greater productivity, creativity, and a welcoming environment for the exploration of new concepts and ideas. 

What does psychological safety mean?

According to the Centre for Creative Leadership, Psychological safety is the belief that you won’t be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes.

At work, it’s a shared expectation held by members of a team that colleagues will not embarrass, reject, or punish them for sharing ideas, taking risks, or soliciting feedback.

An ideal workspace

A psychologically safe workspace is categorized as a space wherein there is mutual trust and comfort in raising opinions and thoughts without fear, regardless of any designation, background, identity, gender or any other criteria that often becomes a point of a preconceived judgement.

5 tips to create psychological safety in the workspace:

  • 1. Ensure employees’ feedback is taken into consideration and encourage happiness drivers to boost Employees Happiness Index.
  • 2. Promote diversity, gratitude, inclusion, and equity through communicating freely and frequently with your employees and colleagues.
  • 3. Encourage a platform where employees are comfortable engaging to touch base with colleagues about mental wellbeing and a positive mindset in the workplace. 
  • 4. Be a supportive and transparent leader and never put anyone on the spot. Allow opinions and vulnerability.
  • 5. Provide multiple ways for employees to share their thoughts and induce positive expression and discussion styles.

 How Gratifi can help

Gratifi is an employee engagement platform wherein employees can emote how they are feeling, display their opinions on trending subjects, connect with their colleagues and employers in a comfortable yet professional environment and so much more. An easy to use application, Gratifi makes it effortless to implement a positive mindset in organisations which gives it an edge against other manual HR procedures. The platform’s numerous reward and recognition features make it the ideal setting to maintain workplace psychological safety. Connect with us and make your office a delightful place for your employees!

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