Blog5 things to look for in your Employee Engagement Software in 2023

5 things to look for in your Employee Engagement Software in 2023

6 December, 2022

5 things to look for in your Employee Engagement Software in 2023

The HR technology space looks more exciting than ever more organizations undergoing ‘virtual digital transformations’ and recognizing the potential of SaaS solutions to empower HR processes. The recent focus on positive employee experience as a prerequisite for attracting and retaining talent is well-founded and, when combined with people-centric leadership, is a force to reckon with. However, most HR leaders are still grappling with getting the right technology for their organizations- one that fits their culture and is adopted by employees extensively. Statistics from Forrester show that 54% of HR folks globally are dissatisfied with their current Human Capital Management suite, including employee engagement softwares. While the pandemic has clearly highlighted the need for digital tools to ensure business resilience, the focus must now shift to building sustainable partnerships with technology providers in order to ensure a happy and engaged workforce in the long-term. Below are 5 things that you should keep in mind while selecting your total rewards software in 2023.

1. Innovation

Artificial intelligence is beginning to play an increasingly important role in modern employee R&R softwares in the form of intuitive workflows, predictive analytics and hyper-personalized experiences for employees. For example, an admin can receive alerts in case of low platform usage or attrition risk, thus resulting in immediate action and a quick feedback loop. Having a provider that is technically adept to keep up with the changing workforce algorithms gives a firm a significant competitive advantage.

2. Communication

Communication is the single biggest function that has undergone the maximum transformation in 2023, thus putting pressure on business tools and applications to humanize and enable better collaboration. Features like audio-visual recognition, interactive digital walls and virtual events are crucial to engage a remote workforce and increase the adoption of your R&R platform.

3. Behavioral Insights

Employee listening is another big theme when it comes to creating a future-ready workplace. Engagement technology now enables employers to understand employee sentiment based on data gathered from sources outside of pure formal surveys and polls, such as a mood-o-meter. With a robust collaboration feature, information sharing patterns can also be analysed and acted upon appropriately.

4. Usability

Employee recognition platforms that are easy to access and use will see higher adoption with young and senior executives alike. Features like a user-friendly mobile application, gamification and easy integration with other internal applications will help the software blend into an employee’s regular working day.

5. Flexibility

Perhaps the most important of all, your total rewards platform should have the capability to change with your organization, be it to accommodate workforce changes or new features. Look for technology that can be tailor-made to your organization’s requirements, instead of having a wide gamut of features that no one will use. A vendor with a good track record, clear roadmap and consistent post-launch support can help create a truly effective employee engagement program. COVID-19 has resulted in a series of ongoing shifts in the global market as well as internal workplace dynamics. This requires organizations to work with employee appreciation software tools that are dynamic and can evolve quickly to meet new demands. Additionally, the move towards ease of use and personalization needs to continue in the form of on-the-go recognition moments, curated rewards/experiences and quick, ongoing performance feedback between managers and employees. Performance data can now be linked to rewards disbursal, resulting in a fair, transparent, merit-driven culture for employees. In other words, the right employee engagement software can help your organization attract, develop and retain talent in a measurable way, while creating an employee-centric work culture in 2023.

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