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8 May, 2024

Employee Perception and its Impact on Organizational Culture 

Fostering a positive organizational culture is essential for success. Central to this culture is employee perception – the way employees interpret and understand their workplace environment, including company values, practices, and treatment. Employee perception influences organizational effectiveness and overall success. Within this context, platforms like Gratifi play a crucial role in shaping and enhancing employee perception through rewards and recognition initiatives.  How does employee perception matter?  Employee perception serves as a lens through which individuals view their workplace. Positive perception leads to higher levels of employee engagement, productivity, and employee experience, while negative perception can result in disengagement, turnover, and reduced…

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3 May, 2024

How to Drive Adoption for Your Digital R&R Platform

In today’s competitive B2B SaaS marketplace, firms have a vast array of digital platforms to choose from. However, any new platform requires extensive efforts to ensure end-user adoption from the word go. This blog covers the complete lifecycle of a digital R&R platform, right from the purchase stage to post-implementation. Effective Strategies for Employee Adoption of Digital R&R Platform Well-rounded strategies to drive the adoption of a digital platform involve the best-in-class onboarding experience, along with seamless integration with other work apps to create a delightful employee experience. Additionally, post-implementation feedback, iteration and ongoing employee advocacy play an important role…

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18 April, 2024

Engaging and Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce in 2024

Change is not just a constant but a multi-faceted phenomenon. From the swift adoption of remote work to the integration of Generation Z into the workforce amidst a pandemic, organizations are navigating through waves of transformation. To thrive in this dynamic environment, engaging a multi-generational workforce becomes imperative. Embracing Diversity for SuccessDiverse and inclusive workplaces are not just buzzwords; they are essential for organizational success. Studies by Great Place to Work reveal that Diverse and inclusive workplaces boast higher employee retention rates, experience higher employee engagement, accelerated revenue growth, and exhibit a greater readiness to innovate. However, achieving this level…

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28 March, 2024

Top Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

In the era of measuring and strategizing new ways to increase employee engagement, HR leaders can sometimes forget the essence or the why behind employee engagement. What do we mean by a high level of engagement? Why is it important to increase employee engagement rates within organizations? Let’s revisit the answers to some of these questions. Employee engagement is defined by Forbes as “the emotional commitment an employee has to the organization and its goals”. More specifically, the following are the markers of high employee engagement- 1.More discretionary effort 2.Increased Loyalty and Tenure3.Alignment to org values and goals  In today’s competitive…

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22 March, 2024

Strategies to Enhance Employee Engagement at the Workplace 

“Highly engaged employees make the customer experience. Disengaged employees break it.” Timothy R. Clark   Employee engagement is a vast construct that touches almost all parts facets of human resource management we know hitherto. If every part of human resources is not addressed appropriately, employees fail to fully engage themselves in their jobs in response to this kind of mismanagement. In the ever-changing landscape of evolution, one crucial element sets thriving organizations apart from the rest: employee engagement. It’s the secret sauce that fuels productivity, fosters creativity, and cultivates a positive company culture. But engagement isn’t just about ping-pong tables and free…

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7 March, 2024

Employee Experience: The Heartbeat of a Thriving Workforce

“In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people”- Julie Bevacqua  The emergence of reward and recognition platforms has become a key driver in enhancing these experiences, creating a positive ripple effect throughout the entire business ecosystem. A robust employee experience is the cornerstone of a thriving workforce. Beyond just providing a paycheck, employees seek an environment that fosters growth, recognizes achievements, and values their contributions. A well-designed reward and recognition platform becomes the conduit through which organizations can channel their appreciation and acknowledgment. A reward and recognition platform offers a…

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16 February, 2024

Ensuring data security while onboarding an R&R platform: An HR Checklist 

As a leading rewards and recognition solutions provider in India, we often interact with prospective customers who have a looming concern about integrating external R&R platforms with their HRMS. No matter how attractive the platform’s features are, most HR personnel fear the ‘IT’ factor- clearance from their IT teams for any third-party software. This article is written to help HR identify any data security-related threats upfront, so they appear smart in front of the technology guys (and girls).   On a more serious note though- data privacy for employees and data security in general are some of the top concerns for…

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11 January, 2024

HR Tech Trends in 2024: Redefining Employee Engagement

The last year has introduced some interesting changes in how work is done, right from the introduction of AI at work to welcoming millennials and even Gen Zs into positions of leadership. We dove into some research on what 2024 holds for HR and the verdict is clear- organizations are at the forefront of a revolution in human resources, propelled by technology. As businesses adapt to hybrid work models, the role of HR tech becomes pivotal in enhancing employee engagement and crafting a seamless employee experience. This blog covers 4 key trends that HR tech trends that HR can look…

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