Tag: Gamification

2 February, 2022

Pre-onboarding Employee Engagement Decoded: How to Engage Top Talent before they join

An effectual onboarding experience is the cornerstone of human capital management as it signifies the trajectory as well as sets the tone for new hires. Thus, HR and L&D departments pay discreet attention to this…

12 January, 2022

The power of customization in employee rewards

The multigenerational workforce today is dynamic, spirited, and cognizant of their merits. Constant engagement and consistent rewards are the key factors that drive motivation and commitment within these employees; ergo, why are rewards still proffered…

26 March, 2021

How to Ensure High Adoption of an Employee Engagement Platform

Every enterprise employee uses a range of applications during a single day of work. These can include email, chat, social media, payroll, appraisal, company intranet etc. Getting them to consistently use yet another tool focused…