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28 September, 2022

Gamification: How to Match your Organizational Goals to an Employee’s Personal Goals

As human beings, we enjoy the excitement and sheer gratification that comes from playing games- be it board games with family or virtual contests with colleagues. The idea of participating in a competition where it’s possible for us to win stimulates us more than simply going through a mundane office workday. This knowledge can be leveraged by HR leaders to implement elements of gamification in their total rewards program and engagement strategy. Gamification of both the recognitions process and the sales incentives process ensures higher adoptability of the platforms by employees and greater employee motivation levels. Gamification in behavioral economics has been used across…

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2 February, 2022

Pre-onboarding Employee Engagement Decoded: How to Engage Top Talent before they join

An effectual onboarding experience is the cornerstone of human capital management as it signifies the trajectory as well as sets the tone for new hires. Thus, HR and L&D departments pay discreet attention to this facet, since nearly one-quarter of new employees leave a job within the first 45 days. However, what organizations fail to realize is that counteroffers can come in, interest can wane, and attention can be diverted– even before the onboarding process begins! Which is where pre-onboarding, a subset of the former, comes in. This is the period from offer acceptance to the new employee’s first day,…

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12 January, 2022

The power of customization in employee rewards

The multigenerational workforce today is dynamic, spirited, and cognizant of their merits. Constant engagement and consistent rewards are the key factors that drive motivation and commitment within these employees; ergo, why are rewards still proffered as per traditional norms, when almost every other aspect of HR has undergone transformative change? The time has come to trade the standardized employer-driven R&R programs for a fresh, personalized approach to employee benefits and rewards. A customized corporate rewards strategy enables a multiplier effect that can drastically enhance the employee experience with respect to R&R. Platforms which provide tailor-made corporate rewards solutions are procuring…

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26 March, 2021

How to Ensure High Adoption of an Employee Engagement Platform

Every enterprise employee uses a range of applications during a single day of work. These can include email, chat, social media, payroll, appraisal, company intranet etc. Getting them to consistently use yet another tool focused on rewards and recognition can be an uphill task. However, to gain the maximum ROI from your total rewards program, high adoption of the platform is crucial. To achieve this, both the RnR software vendor and the organization need to ensure user-centricity in the platform design and proactively iterate platform components as usage matures. This blog covers the multi-faceted process of making your employees adopt…

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6 November, 2020

How to Effectively incentivize sales teams to boost performance

Sales and channel partners determine a major part of an organization’s revenue, which is why incentivizing their performance has always been an important goal for a firm’s management. However, manual methods of sales tracking, channel partner data collection and incentive distribution have resisted optimization in this area. As a result, firms lose investment in the form of overpayments, rebates, fraud and worse- stagnation in sales numbers. This can only be combatted with a data-driven approach to sales incentives, backed by robust technology and a carefully planned incentives structure. Incentives can range from commissions, SPIFFs, MDF to other types of motivational…

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30 October, 2020

Performance-based Recognition: The New Normal

There is no doubt that the pandemic has left an indelible mark on the workplace. In 2020 only 53% employees globally are feeling engaged with their organizations. This is a particularly alarming statistic considering how employee engagement directly impacts not only an individual’s performance but also the organization’s bottom line. Engaged employees are more productive, bringing in 2.5x more revenues than their disengaged counterparts. Moreover, since most organizations now have distributed or downsized teams, old methods of employee motivation have been rendered obsolete. However, even before 2020, the trends were showing an undeniable need for change. Long before the crisis…

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29 September, 2020

Using the ‘Drive to Defend’ Psychology to Enhance Employee Engagement

The rise of information technology coupled with an ambitious, self-determined workforce, is the definition of the future of work. Studies show that the youngest Generation Z- the latest ones to enter the workforce- are more ambitious, independent and competitive than any of their predecessors. They not only work hard to achieve their goals, but also demand to be rewarded for it. They also prefer tangible rewards rather than pursuing vague ideals of satisfaction. Personality traits like competitiveness and self-reliance stem from an ancient human biological drive called the ‘Drive to Defend’ which is present in all human beings in varying…

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25 August, 2020

Create an Effective Employee Rewards Program Using the Halo Effect

The term ‘Halo Effect’ was first coined by a psychologist named Edward Thorndike in 1920. However, it was later popularized by neuroscientists and psychologists, striving to understand the hidden cognitive phenomenon influencing the behavior of the modern man. The Halo Effect occurs when one or more past experiences with an individual, place or entity are used to create the current overall perception, resulting in a sort of halo around everything associated with the subject. Nobel Laureate Kahneman draws this concept back to the ‘associative machine’: a system of the intuitive (or subconscious) brain used to form impressions about someone or…

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