BlogPre-onboarding Employee Engagement Decoded: How to Engage Top Talent before they join

Pre-onboarding Employee Engagement Decoded: How to Engage Top Talent before they join

2 February, 2022

Pre-onboarding Employee Engagement Decoded: How to Engage Top Talent before they join

An effectual onboarding experience is the cornerstone of human capital management as it signifies the trajectory as well as sets the tone for new hires. Thus, HR and L&D departments pay discreet attention to this facet, since nearly one-quarter of new employees leave a job within the first 45 days. However, what organizations fail to realize is that counteroffers can come in, interest can wane, and attention can be diverted– even before the onboarding process begins! Which is where pre-onboarding, a subset of the former, comes in. This is the period from offer acceptance to the new employee’s first day, which can make or break your new-hire experience.

As the competition for top talent continues to intensify and permeate workplaces worldwide, savvy business leaders are realizing the instrumental role of pre-onboarding as a part of employee experience. A positive pre-onboarding experience not only helps tackle those anxious jitters, but also seamlessly assists in the integration of new employees into your organization and makes them look forward to their first day!

In addition to squaring away all the documentation formalities, pre-onboarding is an efficient method of generating engagement from the get-go, serving to bridge the gap between offer acceptance and your new hire’s start date. This blog delves into the principal factors that contribute to designing an optimized pre-onboarding strategy for your new joinees.

Extend a Warm, Personalized Welcome: First Impressions Matter!

Building on the popular adage “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”, extending a welcoming environment is exponentially important as it demonstrates the corporate culture and helps put your new hire’s mind at ease. Having a little package of company swag delivered straight to their homes is a great way to introduce your organization. A goodie bag, stationery, company merchandize, or even a personal hand-written note can go a long way in converting your new employee’s nervous anticipation into sure-fire enthusiasm!

A Digital R&R Platform with a built-in product catalog can come in handy to ensure seamless last-mile delivery of your welcome packages, more so in a bulk hiring process.

Stay in Touch: Gamify the Pre-Joining Phase!

Research confirms that over 80% of workers struggle with anxiety while waiting to start a new job, a feeling that lingers after their start date and damages productivity. Even worse, second thoughts can lead to retraction on an accepted position. The predominant reason for post offer back-outs is the lack of engagement during the pre-employment period.

Staying in touch during the pre-employment phase is crucial in alleviating doubts and enabling a righteous connection with your new employees. This can be implemented seamlessly via a Digital Employee Engagement Platform, wherein quizzes, questionnaires, and contests can be drafted as per your requirements along with a touch of gamification to spruce up the zest. This move can also help to identify the strengths and skills of new hires beyond what you already know. Put simply, engaging your new hires during the pre-employment phase using gamified features can assist in pre-employment skill-matching as well as bolster motivation within your workforce.

Ask for Feedback: Empowerment is Everything!

The importance of employee empowerment can’t be overstated; and there isn’t a better time to establish this than the fresh start of an employee’s journey with your organization! Requesting feedback about your hiring process can be a pioneer in the metamorphosis from candidate to team member. Priming your new employees to feel valued, encouraging them to make an impact, and on the parallel, gathering top-of-mind commentary regarding your hiring process- all can be achieved through pre-onboarding engagement. DIY surveys with customized questions can be designed by using an Employee Engagement Software that can generate reports, analytics, and automated results for enhanced accuracy.

Introduce Them to Your Employee Engagement Platform

Your new hires are probably acquainted with the company values and corporate culture, ergo the hiring process. The pre-employment period is the opportune time to deliver those promises, by introducing them to your Employee Engagement Platform! Proffering a preview of the holistic R&R framework and engagement modules that your company offers can be the ideal ice-breaker and a great way to foster a sense of belonging.

Keep it Up: The Journey has just Begun!

These pre-onboarding strategies can prove instrumental in reinforcing employee value propositions and nurturing a committed workforce. But these strategies don’t end on the employee’s first day. An impactful Employee Experience begins at pre-onboarding, continues through onboarding, and remains an integral part of the employee’s journey throughout.

With a keen focus on pre-onboarding engagement, businesses can cultivate a strong corporate culture before day one, fostering employee retention, commitment, and satisfaction right at the roots.

To learn more about how Gratifi can help your organization with the pre-onboarding process, connect with us now!

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