Sales Incentive & Channel Partner Management

Sales and Channel Partner Engagement


Seamless sales campaign management


Automated reward calculation and distribution with a level of gamification introduced


Engaging UI with animations to show targets, progress and leaderboards


Improved decision making with advanced reports on sales performance

Automated sales campaign management

End-to-end sales campaign management . Features like milestone setting , SMS/email notifications for target achievement and progress reports. Automated incentive /reward selection and distribution as per the budget.

Rewards Redemption

Points-based or commission based (cash) incentives depending upon the achievement of targets. Reward points can be redeemed to purchase items from an in-built e-commerce portal. The catalogue on the portal consists of products/gift cards/experiences with reward upgradation options through cards or wallet money.

Flexible workflow and rules

Complete flexibility in terms of campaign design and the metrics for tracking performance. The model of reward payout is also customizable- whether it’s a share of the profit, a fixed incentive or even a curated reward catalogue of your choice.

Visibility and transparency

Complete visibility into sales performance at every level for the management. Role-based dashboards to receive live updates and detailed analysis of performance at the region/team/individual and even product level.

Gamification and collaboration

Gamification of campaign targets and milestones for each participant, along with leaderboards, to facilitate increased engagement and encourage healthy competition. Collaboration through forums, polls, announcements and events on the platform.

Build a gamified, engaging rewards portal for your sales and channel partners.