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5 Rewards and Recognition Ideas to Express Gratitude during Festivals

The much-awaited festive season is here, and people-centric organizations across all industries are gearing up for a delightful workplace celebration. From virtual employee engagement activities to on-the-floor merriment, the possibilities are endless! HR professionals are always on the lookout for fresh ideas that can ramp up the employee experience using rewards and recognition, employee engagement, and corporate gifting strategies. If you’re one of them, this blog is the optimal headway you need to plan your organizational festivities!

Here are 5 unique rewards and recognition ideas to express gratitude during the festive season.

1. Make Your Workplace Celebration a Family Affair!

What’s better than being recognized at the workplace? Being recognized in front of your loved ones! Offer your employees the opportunity to invite their family and friends at the office event, for instance, a Diwali or Christmas party. Consider hosting an informal employee recognition ceremony where managers can express their appreciation for any significant achievements or behaviors displayed by the team.

2. Roll Out Theme-Based Recognition and Award Categories

The technological advancements in HR have enabled a plethora of innovative R&R strategies, all made possible through a digital R&R platform. You can leverage such software to deploy customized employee recognition and award categories, designed exclusively for the occasion. For example, “Your energy lights up the work environment” can be an apt choice for the festival of Diwali, where managers and peers can recognize team members who showcase a positive, contagious energy.

Add a dollop of excitement by presenting theme-based trophies or plaques along with the awards! An R&R solution provider with a robust merchandizing and logistics unit can help streamline this process. Connect with us to explore our turnkey R&R platform and its’ myriad features today!

3. Organize a “Wellness Retreat”

People losing track of their fitness habits comes as no surprise during the festive season. Juggling work with familial traditions can get tricky and more often than not results in an unbalanced health regime. Thus, a wonderful way to show your employees that you care is by organizing a wellness retreat, that can include virtual sessions, a day-long spa and massage retreat, as well as a yoga or meditation camp. Feel free to mix it up and give the employee wellness strategy your own touch, but don’t forget the essence- Healthy employees are more productive, happy, and engaged.

4. Initiate an Employee Appreciation Drive

Research has found that doubling the number of recognitions in an organization leads to a five-point increase in employee engagement. So why not leverage this relevance during festivals, a time where most people tend to be distracted or disinterested in work-related tasks?

Consider conducting an organization-wide employee appreciation drive spread throughout the last quarter of the year, wherein you can encourage the workforce to recognize desirable characteristics over a wide range of categories. Leverage a digital R&R platform to make managerial as well as peer recognition convenient and accessible!

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5. Curate Exclusive Quizzes to Boost the Festive Spirit

A great way to blend rewards and recognition into the festive season is by hosting quizzes related to the occasion or event. For instance, you can design and administer a dynamic quiz on the topic “Test your Diwali Knowledge” using an employee engagement software. Adding gamified elements and score-based rewards can further amplify the excitement around it!

Planning Your Festive R&R Strategy? We’re Here to Help!

The above ideas can be used to design an impactful and holistic employee experience strategy, particularly during the dynamic festive phase. Curious about how a digital R&R platform can help? Connect with us for an expert consultation and a free demo!

Organizational Culture

4 Employee Engagement Strategies to Combat the “Quiet Quitting” Trend

Quiet Quitting, the trend that is going viral on social media is a cardinal indicator of diminished employee engagement, where team members refuse to go above and beyond but fulfill the bare minimum requirements to retain their jobs. This phenomenon stems from a disproportionate work-life balance caused by the exorbitant hustle culture and impeding employee burnout.

Quiet quitting can take many forms- Employees may turn down projects, take up only those assignments that require less effort, stop volunteering for tasks that fall outside their standard job description, and alienate themselves from coworkers and managers. A burning question that needs to be addressed here is- Has the ‘Great Resignation’ trend metamorphosed into a new kind of employee disengagement? How do you handle quiet quitters and prevent this silent form of non-compliance?

Read on to know!

The ‘Why’ and ‘How’ behind Quiet Quitting  

Consider this- The coveted “Employee of the Month” or “Star Performer” title demands a lot of hustle, perseverance, and motivation to go the extra mile. Although helpful in uplifting productivity and elevating business performance, such namesake awards do not entail any real material benefit to the employee, and certainly do not contribute to employee engagement. Unless you have an innovate and holistic R&R framework in place, it is almost impossible to suffice your workforce’s psychological needs and boost the happiness quotient.

So, what can disengaged employees do when their expectations are unmet, boundaries are crossed, and there is no palpable advantage in shouldering extra workload? Enter the quiet quitting mode- “No one cares either way, so why even try?”

The good news is, there’s a simple solution to this conundrum- Focus on employee engagement, ramp up the employee experience, and add a dash of rewards and recognition! Here are 4 effective strategies that can work.

1. Employee Recognition to the Rescue!

Quiet quitters have a tendency of feeling under-appreciated, as more often not, their efforts go unnoticed. Employee recognition tools are the best way to ensure that appreciation is free-flowing, in-time, and fair. By acknowledging and recognizing employees for a multitude of desirable characteristics, you show your people that they matter and so does their role as an integral part of the organization. Not to mention, rewards and recognition boosts productivity and encourages employees to go the extra mile. 

Check out this list of employee appreciation ideas.

2. Engage to Connect!

A sage disconnect between employees and with their employer is one of the major reasons for quiet quitting. Building a strong rapport and nurturing bonds at the workplace can bridge this gap, but how do you do that amid the hybrid work culture and the digital transformation era? Leverage a digital employee engagement platform!

Virtual engagement features such as surveys, quizzes, talent contests, online discussion forums, gamified R&R elements, and an exclusive social wall can all be extremely helpful in fostering a human connect and instilling a sense of belonging within your workforce.

Connect with us to explore our myriad offerings in this field!

3. Prioritize Employee Wellness

When you prioritize your employees’ mental, physical, and emotional wellness, they will not need to defend themselves against potential burnout by pulling back professionally. On the other hand, if employees feel neglected or disregarded as human beings, they will automatically use quiet quitting as a self-defense mechanism.

Thus, emphasize your commitment to employee wellbeing by adopting digital tools that can ensure an equal, smooth, and streamlined flow of wellness strategies. An employee engagement software offers various features that can prove to be instrumental in this regard.

Don’t forget to go through our guide on employee wellness for the hybrid work era.

4. Innovate Performance Management

Maintaining a consistent performance feedback cycle is rudimentary to keeping employees engaged. Positive feedback and correspondent recognition for a job well done spurs a jolt of motivation, while re-directive feedback gives them an opportunity to learn and grow. Additionally, when team members feel like their manager is proactively looking out for them and is involved in day-to-day tasks, there’s no reason to feel disconnected or alienated!

Ready to Combat the Quiet Quitting Trend?

Quiet quitting can be tricky to spot because some warning signs, such as absenteeism, low morale, and inconsistent performance may be non-intentional. However, regardless of the cause, it is always a good idea to address shifts in behaviors and track employee sentiment. That being said, it is the responsibility of HR and business leaders to nurture a healthy organizational culture and fix workplace dysfunctions so that employees can strike a healthy work-life balance.

Concerned about quiet quitting and curious about the possible solutions? Get in touch with us to know how our digital employee engagement strategies can help!

Employee Engagement

5 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement through Office Festivities

The last quarter of the calendar year has commenced, ushering in the much-anticipated festival season in India. While celebrating festivals is usually a family affair, this sentiment can be extended to the workplace as well to boost employee engagement through office festivities. The HR community views festivals as a golden opportunity to engage, motivate, and raise the happiness quotient of employees by curating a tasteful mix of corporate gifting, employee engagement activities, and ample rewards and recognition.

Read on to know 5 ways you can engage your employees during festive celebrations.

Elevate the Festive Spirit with Corporate Gifting

Employers should leverage the festive season to engage their employees on a deeper level by tapping into the essence of the celebration. For instance, a festival like Diwali is all about prosperity, gratitude and optimism. So why not replicate this emotion at the workplace as well? Use a digital corporate gifting platform to deliver a delightful hamper of goodies right at their doorstep, along with a digital gift card or a fixed set of reward points that your employees can redeem from the gifting catalog with items of their choice.

Engage and empower your employees with one simple gesture! Request a demo of our DIY corporate gifting portal today!

Recognize Hidden Talent

Festivals are the perfect opportunity to establish unique workplace traditions and recognize the hidden talent of your people. The hybrid work culture may seem to be a challenge while organizing events or competitions, but a digital R&R platform can indeed make it easier!

You can conduct virtual contests with customized hashtags, for example, #ChristmasCheer can be initiated for a caroling competition and employees can post their entries over the platform. The post with the maximum number of likes, shares, and comments can be awarded as the winner with a set of reward points as the prize. You can also hold a series of contests or online games that involve not only employees, but their families too.

Honor Diversity and Inclusion

Remember, not all employees may be celebrating a particular festival, so keep in mind the cultural diversity and beliefs of people. Consider deploying a survey through an employee engagement software to determine the festivals that hold a significant place in their community and use the findings while designing your celebratory activities.

Read more about the importance of diversity and inclusion at the workplace.

Leverage Digital Rewards and Recognition to Enhance Productivity

The celebratory season may seem to hamper productivity at the workplace, but it can be the ideal time to bring out the best in your employees. Curious as to how? The answer lies in the most crucial employee engagement indicator- Rewards and Recognition. Double up on your R&R initiatives during festivals by organizing an employee appreciation drive, encouraging managers and peers to recognize one another for a multitude of noteworthy behaviors. Furthermore, you can also keep productivity in check by offering monetary recognition and personalized rewards for exceptional performance, especially for industries like retail which run at their peak during festivals.

Don’t Forget On-the-Floor Festive Engagement!

As more people return to the office, HR can now organize physical events and activities for their in-office employees! Classic events such as Traditional Day for Diwali, Dandiya Night for Navratri, and a meet with Santa Claus for Christmas still work wonders for employee engagement, so don’t forget to include on-the-floor celebration as part of your overall strategy.

Celebrate Festivals to make way for a Stellar Employee Experience!

Effective people management and employee engagement stems from bringing individuals closer and giving them the opportunity to interact across cultures and traditions. It is needless to mention that office festivities induce a strong sense of belonging within employees, as they feel like an integral part of the organization’s extended family. Furthermore, a classic indicator of promoting diversity and inclusion at the workplace is when your people are given a platform to interact across silos, participate in cultural activities with vigor, and indulge in the festive spirit with joy.

Do you wish to make the most of this festive season at your organization? Get in touch with us to explore our myriad offerings in corporate gifting, employee engagement, and digital R&R!