BlogCreating a culture of appreciation in the workplace  

Creating a culture of appreciation in the workplace  

24 November, 2023

Creating a culture of appreciation in the workplace  

We’re living in very dynamic times wherein we’re still adjusting to changes caused by a global pandemic, economic slowdown, and 2 full-fledged wars in less than a year. This has impacted workplaces worldwide, and companies have found that their employees’ needs must be heeded to sustain successful businesses. This includes giving them space to express their concerns, and even offer support while avoiding negative sentiment to grow. Mature organizations have moved on from focusing on purely extrinsic motivation for improved work performance. It is now clear that having a positive, inclusive, and growth-oriented work culture is just as important to employees as compensation, and they’re willing to switch jobs for it.  

Keeping this in mind, we’re happy to introduce our blog series on ‘Creating a Culture of Appreciation’ wherein we provide actionable strategies to implement an appreciative and inclusive work culture. This is based on our experience with HR leaders across industries, who have collaborated with us to build a people-first R&R framework while boosting employee engagement through digital gamified tools. Our upcoming blog topics are as follows- 

How an R&R platform helps build a culture of appreciation – Get detailed insight into the benefits of a digital R&R solution to ingrain appreciation in everyday workplace communication, be it through employee rewards & recognition, 360-degree feedback, collaboration forums like chat/social media or gamified recognition features. 

Employee Appreciation Calendar 2024 – Implement a Culture of Appreciation- Use this practical guide to plan events, contests, communication campaigns, and appreciation fests. Don’t miss a chance to show your employees that you care!  

Fostering a culture of appreciation isn’t just an HR mandate; it’s a crucial component for overall organizational success. By acknowledging and valuing the efforts of employees, organizations can create an environment where individuals feel motivated, engaged, and committed to achieving shared goals. Embracing appreciation as a fundamental aspect of workplace culture not only enhances employee satisfaction but also drives productivity, creativity, and overall success.  

Stay tuned for the next blogs in this series and get in touch with us to know more about how we can help you create a culture of recognition in your organization!  

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