BlogEnhance Employee Experience throughout the Employee Lifecycle

Enhance Employee Experience throughout the Employee Lifecycle

4 February, 2022

Enhance Employee Experience throughout the Employee Lifecycle

Great organizations are built from the inside out, thus, an engaged workforce is critical to move the needle for any growth-oriented business. This feat is accomplished by recruitment and subsequent development of top talent, along with robust Rewards & Recognition, all positioned around a shared purpose. But how do you ensure that your engagement practices are in line with your multifaceted workforce? Embrace the new era of Employee Experience!

Global upheavals coupled with the Great Resignation has compelled organizations to shift gears, showcase agility in moments of crisis, and usher in a new work order. The contingency? Employee experience is now the point of convergence in this paradigm-shifting workplace renaissance!

Re-imagine Employee Experience across the Employee Lifecycle

All employees interact with an organization through a cyclical process; from the time of offer acceptance to when they become an employee up through when they leave. This is the employee lifecycle, that refers to a natural progression of phases in the way an employee interacts with your organization. Leveraging these successive stages as your roadmap can prove instrumental in shaping a holistic, multidimensional Employee Experience resulting in a higher return on your engagement and R&R efforts.

According to a Deloitte report, while 84% of employers acknowledge the importance of positive employee experience, as little as 9% of organizations feel ready to address this issue. Regardless, organizations that have taken due cognizance of this pivotal aspect anchor the employee lifecycle as the foundation for balancing business needs with the needs of employees. Crafting engagement strategies transcending multiple generations requires systematic thinking; when rewards and recognition are keyed to where the employee is in terms of their career lifecycle, we can significantly boost engagement. This blog walks you through the fundamental stages across an employee’s tenure and how experiences can be optimized at each of these junctures.

Hiring, Onboarding, and Assimilation

An HR’s job does not end at recruitment, in fact, it is the start of an immersive journey for the employees and employers alike. Needless to say, this stage in the employee lifecycle is a critical juncture that needs to be addressed with utmost dedication and consistent efforts. Welcome gifts as appreciation, integrated trainings on Organizational Culture and Values as well as proactive engagement through surveys, quizzes, and gamified contests are a must to establish an affinity and develop a sense of belonging within your new employees.

Read more on how a digital employee engagement portal can help in devising a powerful Pre-onboarding and Onboarding strategy for your organization.

Development, Advancement, and Retention

By this stage, most employees have gleaned enough experience and accomplished a level of expertise that makes them susceptible to lucrative job offers across the industry. One of the key organizational challenges that makes or breaks this stage is Employee Retention, along with meaningful career development. Smart engagement practices include fostering and incentivizing L&D, instantaneous recognition, and 360-degree performance-based rewards. The freedom of choice is the most important aspect that resonates with these workers, thus, a tailor-made redemption catalog of customized rewards catering to the needs of such mid-career employees is an ideal engagement strategy.

Devise experiences for employees to learn, stretch and grow by extending credit where it’s due in the form of recognition, rewards, and awards; simple gestures of appreciation can also go a long way in motivating this workforce facet!


Engaging employees who may already have one foot out the door can be taxing, but it is doable. The pre-retirement phase calls for a deeply contrasting approach to engagement, as compared to the previous stages. These employees welcome the opportunity to pass on their institutional knowledge through mentorship programs that instill a sense of pride, acknowledgement, and worthiness within them.

A Digital R&R Platform can prove beneficial in automated disbursement and fulfilment of rewards catered to these employees such as years of service awards, incentivized mentorship programs, financial benefits (insurance, medical benefits, post-retirement security), generous words of appreciation, and exit mementoes/retirement gifts that acknowledge their dedication and contribution to the organization.

Connecting the Dots on Employee Experience

Having established the myriad practices pertaining to different career stages, it is also imperative to note that no single phase of the employee lifecycle can be thought of as more important than the other, as each is a critical touchpoint in a chain of employee experience. Arriving at this advanced rostrum requires deep-seated employee interconnectivity, often achieved through an Employee Engagement Software.

Invest in crafting unique experiences that make employees believe that their engagement matters beyond the numbers, and harness the true value of an engaged workforce! Connect with us to design an experiential engagement framework that maximizes performance at each stage of the employee lifecycle.

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