BlogUsing Nudges to Boost RnR Platform Adoption

Using Nudges to Boost RnR Platform Adoption

5 October, 2021

Using Nudges to Boost RnR Platform Adoption

Nudges are ways to rearrange one’s environment to encourage a particular response. According to the revolutionary founders of the Nudge theory, a ‘choice architecture’ can influence us to pick a better choice for ourselves, thereby forming healthy habits. We already know through behavioral science that humans are primarily emotional beings and often make irrational decisions based on their subconscious mind. Decision-making is a tedious process, right from what to eat to which email to respond to. Therefore, to ensure our survival, our brains have developed ‘instinctive shortcuts’ to help us take micro-decisions faster. In other words, if there’s an easier way to do something, our first instinct will be to take that easier path. An effective way of creating these shortcuts to boost favorable choices using external circumstances is through nudges.

Nudges leverage innate human biases and drives to inspire action without curtailing one’s free will. Hence, they can be extremely useful in promoting the adoption of a new rewards and recognition platform, resulting in a win-win situation for the employee and employer. Here are a few types of nudges that can be implemented to boost the adoption of an R&R software:

  • Goal-based Nudges

These can be designed in the form of a points-based reward system on an R&R platform, wherein those with the maximum points are featured on a virtual leaderboard. Such gamification elements help employees visualize their victory. Additionally, employees can be encouraged to collect reward points to redeem desirable gifts on the platform. Examples of goal-based nudge notifications-

You are just 50 points away from getting a Bluetooth speaker!

3 more recognitions and you will be 2nd on the leaderboard!

  • Behavioral Nudges

These can be in the form of earning digital badges, certificates or even points for either completing a pulse survey, giving recognition to a peer or participating in a company event. Notifications through multiple mediums such as email, SMS or even in-app notifications can go a long way in reminding employees to leverage the platform. Examples of behavioral nudge notifications-

We miss you! It’s been 3 days since you logged in.

Make your choices be heard by taking this quick survey!

  • Social Nudges

Social nudges are powerful in that they play on our need for social acceptance to drive behavior. Sharing employee recognition or platform usage statistics with employees through the company newsletter, for example, can be a good way to increase adoption. Public recognition and even contests through the company social wall can create a feeling of social prestige, thereby encouraging desirable behavior. Examples of social nudge notifications-

Earn a certificate to share with your proud family and friends today!

Show off your musical talent by entering the #SaReGaMa contest being held on Gratifi!

An intuitive, user-friendly platform goes a long way in creating favorable nudges, thereby boosting workplace culture, engagement, individual well-being, and growth. HR technology vendors who provide an open API architecture can help your R&R tool get integrated seamlessly with the organization’s HRMS, ERP, CRM or collaboration platforms to ensure the presence of appreciation across all forums. A seamless technology ecosystem helps employees use on-the-go recognition with little or no learning curve and develop positive behaviors, ultimately leading to organizational growth.

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