BlogDigitizing the human touch with R&R tools

Digitizing the human touch with R&R tools

23 December, 2021

Digitizing the human touch with R&R tools

Workplace digitization is the new normal, which has been ingrained into organizational cultures over the last couple of years. The infusion of trailblazing software with R&R and employee engagement is one of the major driving forces responsible for augmented efficiency of the HR industry. However, the core argument still persists- that digitization is allegedly depriving HR of its human touch. The advantages of digitization are countless and definitely pay off when calculating the return on your HR technology investment. Employee-centric software catering to rewards, recognition, and engagement needs is shaping up to be one of the most disruptive trends in HR currently, thus, this blog explores a few ways digital tools can actually help enhance the reach and effectiveness of R&R programs, whilst retaining a personal touch through humanized R&R features.

According to a Gartner research, HR is rightly replacing human effort with automation in HR service delivery. However, it is important to note that if approached insensitively, digitization presents a significant threat to employee engagement. On the other hand, if approached thoughtfully, it offers a lucrative opportunity to inspire workers and deepen their commitment towards organizations. Digital R&R tools represent a working partnership between man and machine, where, instead of replacing humans, automation can provide AI-driven decision support that complements human perception.

Data-driven insights

Digital R&R tools are the enablers of quantification, as these tools generate analytical reports and data-driven insights that can be leveraged to take apt decisions related to nominations, reward recipients, and recognition value. Measuring the impact of employee engagement and linking it to business goals is the prime advantage offered by such tools, thereby keeping a constant check on its RoI. This, in turn, offers increased opportunities for meaningful work as low value-added tasks are automated and the availability of information assists in less assumption and more data-driven decision-making. Thus, the human touch can be simplified and at the same time, amplified via accurate results and significant engagement metrics.

Hyper-personalization of EX

The adoption and subsequent execution of R&R tools enables leaders, managers, and even individual employees in shaping up employee experience, thereby ensuring that engagement is more personalized and directed towards holistic development. Hence, digitization can in fact assist the human effort in crafting better, deeper, and meaningful experiences for employees.

Enhanced performance motivation

A well-crafted R&R portal provides a single, targeted, and often customized access point for each employee across the hierarchy. It allows employers, managers, and employees to access the resources and data relevant to their role, courtesy of which powerful career development plans can be drafted for each individual. Performance data based on customized reports and analytics can aid in inculcating an effective communication strategy between managers and their teams.

Sustainable execution time and effort

The manual process of delegating rewards and recognitions is cumbersome and requires copious amounts of time and effort. The most lucrative advantage of using an appropriate rewards and recognition platform is that the more time you invest in devising a personalized, gamified engagement strategy, the easier it is to execute it in a seamless manner. Suffice to say, organizations that are designing their future workplace are better off taking new trends such as digital R&R tools into account.

In conclusion

Leading organizations across the globe have realized that they need to disrupt or be disrupted, as a result, the adoption of digital platforms and tools is the precursor to what we now call the digital workplace revolution. The human touch is indispensable to the HR industry, but so is digitization, if organizations want to excel and stay ahead of the game. Employees are a company’s greatest asset, and digital transformation is the key to preserving the sanctity and credibility of these employees.

Automation and augmentation need to work in cahoots to bring real value to employees in the form of improved productivity, greater working flexibility, and convenience through mobility and collaboration. Needless to say, the old quote “change is the only constant” is truer today than ever.

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