Words of Appreciation for better Engagement

28 May, 2021

Words of Appreciation for better Engagement

Employee appreciation is the foundation for a positive, thriving work culture. In fact, research has shown that appreciation increases employee retention by 53%, apart from having many other workforce benefits. Appreciation doesn’t need to be expensive or even involve cash at all. However, it does need to be authentic, heartfelt, specific, timely, frequent, and memorable to have the desired impact on employees.

The current crisis calls for leaders, managers, and HR departments to deliver the right messages to their employees, especially when they are working remotely or working from offices on the field. It’s imperative that their employees’ support throughout the pandemic is applauded, especially when they’re feeling isolated, undervalued and burned out. Here are some messages you can use to appreciate your coworkers, seniors and other teams today:

Appreciating support throughout the pandemic

Thank you for standing by your organization in its’ time of need. We salute your bravery and commitment to work throughout the pandemic crisis. Indeed, you are a true Corona Warrior!

A crisis reveals one’s true character, and yours is that of a hero! Thank you for honoring your duties throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. We stand tall and proud because of employees like you!

Celebrating occasions close to the employee’s heart

Warm wishes to you on your birthday! May you experience happiness, health, prosperity and leaping success in every area of your life.

Congratulations on your work anniversary! Wishing you immense growth and fulfillment in your professional journey ahead.

Appreciation for Positive Behavioral Attributes or Performance-

A mediocre leader ‘tells’ but a great leader ‘demonstrates’. We admire how you walk your talk!

You not only have the skills needed to identify opportunities but the gumption to drive them to success. You’re an invaluable asset to the team!

It takes leadership to take charge of a problem when no one else has noticed. Kudos to you!

The ideal employee lifts others up especially when the chips are down. Thank you for being a positive influence!

Your initiative has created meaningful progress for the organization. Thank you for bringing in your fresh ideas and energy to the table!

Your innovativeness and creativity has put you in a class of your own. We need employees like you to challenge dated norms! Thank you!

You always lend a helping hand. Thank you for your contribution!

Thank you for going above and beyond to help us achieve our goal. We wouldn’t have made it without you!

You don’t stop at being good. You strive to be better and emerge as the best! Thanks for the great work, team!

Congratulations on doing an excellent job! You set the bar high for us all.

Your hard work and focused work ethic is admirable and an inspiration to all of us!

You only strive to be better than who you were yesterday. Your humility is the driver of your success. Kudos!

We admire you for performing your duties with utmost diligence, and upholding the trust of the organization.

You are outcome-driven and it reflects in your passion for excellence. Great Job!

Your excellent communication and presentation skills make you a cut above the rest! Kudos!

Being an expert involves not only deep knowledge, but a constant quest for more. Congratulations on having outstanding domain expertise!

Your attention to detail has produced excellent results on this task, great job!

Reliability and trustworthiness are words synonymous with you. We admire you for how punctual you are!

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments, and your self-discipline is certainly an example of that!

Having the right words to describe your employee’s achievements can make a world of a difference when it comes to writing one-to-one notes for employee recognition or a formal email from the HR department. As we all know, there is no such thing as too much gratitude, especially during today’s uncertain times!

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