BlogEmployee Engagement Struggle Decoded

Employee Engagement Struggle Decoded

25 July, 2018

Employee Engagement Struggle Decoded

“To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.”

Engaged employees translates into happy customers. But ironically, most organizations struggle with employee engagement. Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon. A recent research by Deloitte revealed that 78% employees do not feel recognized at work. Another study by Dale Carnegie highlights that organizations with engaged employees outperform those lacking employee engagement by up to 202%. Employee engagement has now assumed critical proportions for organizations. The key to resolve this issue is in understanding what employee engagement actually means.

Employee engagement: What it isn’t

Employee engagement is not just a state of being happy at work. Various recreational activities planned by the HR team for entertainment aren’t enough to motivate your employees. Also, engagement isn’t synonymous with satisfaction. One might be happy and satisfied in a 9-to-5 job and might be participating in such activities, but it doesn’t guarantee that one is putting in extra efforts.

Employee engagement: What it is?

Engagement happens when your workforce imbibes the culture and values of your organization and these values are reflected in every aspect of their work. Engaged employees have a deeper emotional commitment with the organization and its goals. If your employees feel connected with your organization, they feel motivated to come to work, inspired to work harder, and proud to be associated with it.

How to engage employees effectively?

Your employees represent your organization, and unhappy employees don’t translate into happy customers. Improve your organization’s happiness quotient by celebrating and inspiring great work.

Treat your people well: When you treat your employees like they make a difference, then they surely will. It’s simple, when your employees feel valued, they show commitment and passion towards work.

Make work irresistible: Rethink your organization’s engagement program. Initiatives have to be planned around employees’ performance. Transparency, trust, and timely appreciation are vital elements of an effective program. On certain occasions, they might go the extra mile and deliver during difficult times. And when they do, recognize your employees for their initiative. Recognition will make good work contagious.

Work on feedback: The impact of engagement is enhanced when it is linked with growth. Highlighting employees’ strengths and providing timely feedback to help them overcome their weaknesses also has a significant impact on their morale.

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