BlogUnlocking Productivity: The Power of Encouraging Employee Leaves 

Unlocking Productivity: The Power of Encouraging Employee Leaves 

15 December, 2023

Unlocking Productivity: The Power of Encouraging Employee Leaves 

In today’s fast-paced world, achieving a healthy work-life balance is crucial for employees. The link between a balanced life and increased productivity has been well-established. A recent article by the Economic Times reveals that taking annual leave helps increase employee productivity by up to 40%. This is no mean figure- employers who have established an always-on work culture will likely experience tangible losses in lost productivity. Moreover, there are significant health benefits of taking scheduled leave. A study shows that it reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and improves good cholesterol levels- potentially saving lives. At the same time, it helps reduce sleep deficit and even just planning for the holidays has been shown to improve mood levels. Taking time out also has social benefits- particularly for family bonding and spending time with children, who benefit immensely from such breaks. 

Long versus Short Leaves: 

Contrary to common belief, longer leaves don’t always equate to better results. Forbes highlights the significance of short, frequent breaks and a complete switch-off from work. Often, employees feel pressured to respond to work emails during off-time, which robs them of the chance to relax and foster sustained productivity. Employees who take short, regular leaves often return rejuvenated and with a renewed focus, contributing to enhanced creativity and overall job satisfaction. 

Leaves as a Benefit: 

Forward-thinking Indian companies are recognizing the importance of employee wellbeing by offering additional leaves. For example- KPMG India declared extended holidays from December 23 through January 1, 2024. Similarly, Deloitte India and Adobe will have the last week of the year off to allow employees to rejuvenate and recharge. This approach reflects a commitment to work-life balance and offers a benefit far more powerful than cash bonuses- the gift of holistic employee wellbeing. Paid time off not only enhances the overall employee experience but also positions organizations as employers of choice in today’s competitive talent landscape. 

'importance of leaves for work-life balance

Preventing Burnout: 

Employee burnout has become a pervasive issue in today’s work culture, and encouraging regular leaves is a potent strategy to mitigate this challenge. Studies conducted by leading organizations underscore the direct correlation between taking leaves and reducing burnout among employees, particularly in the context of India and South Asia. Deloitte’s research highlights that employees who take regular breaks are 28% less likely to experience burnout, fostering a healthier and more engaged workforce.   

In conclusion, encouraging employees to take leave is not just a humane gesture but also a strategic move to optimize business results. Reduced burnout correlates with increased employee engagement, ultimately contributing to a healthier, more productive work environment. Removing the stigma around employee leaves is essential to remain relevant in today’s knowledge economy, where mundane tasks are being taken over by AI and high levels of creativity are required to compete in the market. In the pursuit of organizational success, it’s time for companies to recognize that a well-rested and rejuvenated workforce is an asset that pays dividends in the long run. 

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