BlogMaking Platform Adoption an Engaging Process: 5 Tips for Employee Engagement 

Making Platform Adoption an Engaging Process: 5 Tips for Employee Engagement 

24 May, 2023

Making Platform Adoption an Engaging Process: 5 Tips for Employee Engagement 

“In life, change is inevitable. In business, change is vital.” – Warren G. Bennis.  

Human resources and the reward and recognition function are two activities that are growing in popularity as businesses transition to a digitized environment to simplify operations and improve the employee experience. While the functionality and usability of these platforms are a priority within organizations, what determines their eventual success is their adoption of it. Making employees adjust to change is never an easy task, but as the quote states, change is essential in business. In this blog, we will look at various approaches for making the adoption of an HR and R&R platform an engaging and captivating experience for employees.   

5 tips for Employee Engagement :  

1. Cultivate a sense of purpose:

Employees must be informed about the potential advantages of the change before they can encourage it in their day-to-day functioning at work. By emphasizing how an HR and R&R platform can improve interaction, recognition, interpersonal relationships, reward choices, and so much more— among other things you can emphasize the concrete improvements and outcomes that can be accomplished through the platform and speed up the adaptation process.

2. Make it a celebratory process: 

Make it more exciting! To boost activity on the platform, putting up contests on the platform is a great idea! These contests can then offer rewards or any other type of recognition that encourages employee engagement with the site to increase adoption. Pro tip: Once an employee signs in, their name is displayed on the leaderboard as “new user” and they can now be greeted by colleagues through an automated message. OR each new sign in gets reward points!  

3. Continuous Learning and Support:  

Offer ongoing support and learning resources to employees to ensure they have the basic skills, know-how ability and initial training to fully utilize the platform with supporting documents like user manuals, videos, FAQs and guidance in their learning process 

4. Foster a sense of feedback and highlight the future impact:  

A digitized R&R platform ensures a space with advanced reporting and analytics that allow HR to track, engagement, and response rates. This information can be used to optimize strategies and improve overall communication effectiveness. To enhance employee experience for the future, conducting surveys and eNPS on the platform will not only ensure engagement but also display an idea of feedback that can rectify problems if any and highlight the positives!  

5. Letting Leaders Lead:  

The organization’s top management has a significant influence on their employees. Ensuring that the organization’s executives, regardless of which department they manage, are actively using the platform will encourage employees to get on board. This will not only enhance adoption but will also help employees feel more connected to their employers. 


Platform adoption can be a transformative experience for both the organization and its employees. These suggestions can make the procedure easier and more streamlined. With Gratifi, you can modernize the HR and R&R processes of your company while improving the employee experience. We have your back. Get in touch with us!  

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