BlogUsing Rewards and Recognition to Build an Inspiring Work Culture

Using Rewards and Recognition to Build an Inspiring Work Culture

26 April, 2023

Using Rewards and Recognition to Build an Inspiring Work Culture

In today’s corporate world, work culture plays a significant role in determining the success and image of an organization. An unhealthy work culture can lead to a variety of issues that affect both the organisation and its employees. Conversely, best practices such as enhanced methods of  R&R, redemption through points, nominations, etc. can help create a healthy work culture where most traits that bring about toxicity can be tackled with ease. 


What is toxic work culture?  

An environment where employees are likely to feel high levels of stress, burnout and an unwelcoming energy due to factors such as lack of support, micromanagement, bullying, miscommunication and misjudgments. This setting reduces employee productivity and increases employee turnover due to job dissatisfaction. 

What leads to an unhealthy workplace? 

While there are innumerable factors that lead to an unhealthy workplace, three of the most common reasons are lack of acknowledgment and appreciation for tasks, not recognising or motivating the employee with incentives or rewards, poor leadership, lack of work-life balance and lack of training and support. A culture of staying quiet and not having the ability, space or platform to express an opinion is another toxic work culture attribute.

How can an HR and reward and recognition software be an effective tool to boost a healthy workspace  

A fantastic strategy to maintain a high level of employee engagement with regular exposure to reward-based activities is through transparency, exposure, appreciation, and clear communication with updated reward and recognition methods! Another crucial strategy to implement in order to create a happier workplace and pinpoint areas for development is employee feedback. Moreover, an employee engagement platform such as Gratifi can enhance employee satisfaction and engagement by providing self-service tools for employees to access and manage their personal information, performance feedback and more. Empower employees and make HR and R&R an easier, more efficient process!   

Gratifi to the rescue!  

Gratifi allows you to create a positive work environment by incorporating technology, personalization of reward and redemption practices, and the opportunity to introduce process flexibility, all with the most user-friendly software. Build a workplace that supports employees mental wellbeing and eases HR Practices  

Contact us to learn more about how we can improve your employees’ work experience.  

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