BlogWhat Gen Z employees expect from the workplace: An HR Cheat Sheet 

What Gen Z employees expect from the workplace: An HR Cheat Sheet 

22 February, 2024

What Gen Z employees expect from the workplace: An HR Cheat Sheet 

The COVID-19 pandemic brought major waves of psychological differences for all those who transitioned from students to employees. From getting through university online to becoming full-time employees and immediately going to an office, some Gen Z employees may have had to re-learn a life of routine and adulthood. With this in mind, understanding the expectations of different generations is crucial for fostering a harmonious and productive environment. Gen Z, born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s, is emerging as a significant workforce demographic, bringing with them- unique values and expectations. As HR professionals strive to adapt to this shift, it’s essential to explore what Gen Z employees expect from their workplace. This blog delves into points you can note down and implement to boost that spark in your organization with all the younger employees. To enhance employee experience and get a 5-star rating for your organization’s culture, read on. 

1. Purpose-Driven Work: 

Gen Z employees are characterized by their desire to find purpose in their work beyond just a paycheck. Picture this: 76% of Gen Z believes their impact on societal issues matters (Deloitte’s 2020 Global Millennial Survey). HR, it’s time to align the company’s values with social causes, turning the workplace into a stage where employees can play a part in making the world a better place. 

2. Technological Integration:  

Gen Z employees have grown up in a digital era and expect a tech-savvy workplace. A staggering 84% of Gen Z believe that advanced technology positively impacts their productivity at work. (Source: CGI Survey) HR can cater to this expectation by ensuring the workplace is equipped with cutting-edge technologies, fostering a collaborative and efficient work environment. 

3. Flexibility= Higher Productivity:  

Gen-Zs believe in maintaining a work-life balance that allows them to have more than just their job as their daily priority. These priorities are often hobbies or a passion that drives them as much as or more than their work. Understanding that your life is not your work or vice versa is important to most gen-zs who believe in the diversification of time and work. Such a lifestyle requires a flexible work structure which allows deadlines to be managed at the same time. 

the future is flexible work hours/ flexible working

4. Clearer Indicators of Performance: Cut to the chase, and boost transparency! Gen-Z employees are strong advocates of transparency wherever possible. This transparency may be most required in the time of appraisal and feedback. According to The Muse, 80% of Millennials and Gen Z believe it is acceptable to leave a job after six months if it does not meet the advertised expectations. Clearer indicators help understand areas of improvement more efficiently and avoid any scope of ambiguity, keeping in line with every DEI and HR principle. 

employee confused

Reward and Recognition, Upgraded!  

Understanding the need for a tailored approach to motivate and engage Gen Z employees, HR professionals are turning to innovative reward and recognition platforms. Now, let us understand how a reward and recognition platform can enliven and enrich the Gen Z workplace experience. 

i. Personalized Recognition: Gen Z doesn’t want generic praise; they want a personalized shoutout that hits the right notes. With a reward and recognition platform, HR can curate a list of individual achievements, making each employee feel as special as they should. 

ii. Peer-to-Peer High-Five: In a world where teamwork is the ultimate power, HR can introduce a peer-to-peer recognition system. Let employees high-five each other’s accomplishments, creating a supportive team culture with communication that’s from the heart, rather than from cookie-cutter phrases over emails. PS, Gratifi has it all! 

iii. Gamification: Who said work can’t be a game? Gen Z loves a good, gamified experience, and HR can make it happen. Add gamification elements to recognition programs, turning the workplace into an arcade of engagement, quizzes, and friendly competition. We can help you make this happen! Get in touch with us to find out how. 


In conclusion, understanding and meeting the expectations of Gen Z employees is crucial for building a thriving workplace. By embracing purpose-driven initiatives, offering flexibility, integrating technology, and implementing innovative reward and recognition platforms, HR professionals can create an environment where Gen Z not only excels but also feels valued and motivated in their professional journey. Moreover, many Gen Z-focused principles may be helpful for the whole workforce, keeping demographics aside. Learn and grow with the times, just like we are. Let us help you be up to date with everything reward and recognition with a seamless digital R&R platform. Schedule a demo of the platform today! 

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