BlogCelebrating Women in the Workplace: 4 Creative Employee Appreciation Ideas

Celebrating Women in the Workplace: 4 Creative Employee Appreciation Ideas

2 March, 2023

Celebrating Women in the Workplace: 4 Creative Employee Appreciation Ideas

The time has come to celebrate women in the workplace as March is Women’s History Month! While many organizations across the world have undertaken conscious efforts to acknowledge, recognize, and reward the indispensable contribution of women in business success, there’s still a long way to go. Fostering a culture founded on the principles of diversity and inclusion requires strong attention to detail, a desire to establish unrequited equity, and a personalized approach to employee engagement.

In honor of Women’s History Month, here are four ideas that you can use to shower your female employees with the love and care that they rightfully deserve!

Make it a Purple Affair!

Purple is the official International Women’s Day color. So why not jump on the proverbial bandwagon and have a purple-themed day in office? Ask all your employees (not just females!) to wear purple outfits that will set the tone for a sensational Women’s Day celebration. What’s more, you can also click candid pictures and capture group photos to commemorate the day which can be posted on the social wall of your organization’s digital R&R platform.

Encourage Sweet-and-Simple Gestures of Giving Thanks

Women’s Day gifts can range from anything budget-friendly or heavy-on-the-pocket, depending upon your organization’s corporate gifting strategy. However, there are other ways in which you can initiate a wave of appreciation and wishes among your team, that do not require organizational discretion.

For instance, you can send a delightful E-card with a Women’s Day greeting to all your female colleagues, using digital employee recognition tools. Furthermore, you can organize a virtual group event amongst your team members to confirm the headcount and address the necessary requirements, and then host a homey cake-cutting ceremony or order a delicious lunch for everyone.

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Focus on Women-centric Employee Engagement

A great way to showcase the rudimentary role that women play in an organization is to create a corporate social media campaign focused on highlighting the groundbreaking women in your firm. Conduct outspoken interviews with your female colleagues, record videos, write creative articles outlining their achievements, and share these over your corporate social media handles.

You can also consider leveraging the talent contest feature of your employee engagement platform to organize a contest in which employees upload women-dedicated media content, inspirational quotes, or current affairs that support women power. The post that garners the maximum traction wins!

Employee Engagement Activities

Introduce a Women Empowerment Program

There couldn’t be a better time than Women’s History Month to kick off a robust women empowerment program! If such schemes are already in operation within your organization, you can reassess its’ effect and revamp the processes for betterment.

A few examples of women empowerment strategies include:

1. Schedule workshops and seminars for your staff on how to combat workplace discrimination and take action against sexual harassment

2. Consider inviting prominent and successful female professionals from different industries to conduct interactive meet-and-greets

3. With the growing focus on employee wellness, organizations can introduce women-focused wellness sessions on menstrual hygiene, maternity care, PCOD/PCOS awareness, etc.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Although the challenge of establishing diversity and inclusion is a year-round feat, occasions such as International Women’s Day are dedicated markers in advancing the push for gender equity.

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