BlogChallenges faced by HR while onboarding a new Reward and Recognition Platform 

Challenges faced by HR while onboarding a new Reward and Recognition Platform 

19 October, 2023

Challenges faced by HR while onboarding a new Reward and Recognition Platform 

Onboarding a new reward and recognition platform is an exciting endeavor for any HR team. These platforms promise to revolutionize the way employee appreciation and engagement are managed within an organization. However, amid the promises of efficiency and productivity enhancements, there lie several challenges that HR professionals must navigate during the implementation and integration of a new reward and recognition system. In this blog, we will delve into the primary hurdles faced by HR during this process and explore potential solutions to ensure a smooth transition, ultimately maximizing the benefits of the new platform. 

Platform Integration 

The first question we often get as employee reward and recognition providers is- ‘Does your platform integrate with our HRMS/HRIS? We respond by saying- ‘Yes, it also integrates with various other work applications like email, chat, intranet, and CRM. In today’s interconnected world, having a corporate R&R presence even on non-work applications like social media can help employees enjoy a 360-degree experience.  

Security & Compliance 

Smooth integration requires data handshaking, and often companies are unable to onboard R&R software because of security concerns related to data exposure. Ensuring a secure data exchange while giving the flexibility to HR to withhold/manually share data can be crucial for successful onboarding.  

Results Orientation 

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges HR faces while onboarding a new reward and recognition software is to gain the buy-in of the business. Measuring key success metrics is essential to justify investment into a new R&R software. Therefore, any new R&R software needs to be customized according to an organization’s core values and performance metrics. Such data attributes can then be measured through a robust reporting environment such as that on Gratifi, thus enhancing the ROI for the entire organization.  

Budget Allocation: 

Securing adequate funding for the seamless integration and maintenance of the new reward and recognition platform poses a significant challenge. HR teams must carefully navigate the balance between budgeting for the platform’s initial implementation, customization to suit organizational needs, and ensuring sufficient ongoing support and updates. 

Platform Adoption:  

Driving widespread adoption and enthusiastic usage of the new platform among employees is a crucial hurdle. Overcoming resistance to change and ensuring employees understand the benefits and ease of use is vital for successful integration. Effective communication and training are pivotal in overcoming this obstacle, particularly among managers. Push notifications and emails can serve as reminders to log in to the platform regularly. In addition, having non-monetary/monetary perks for those who actively recognize their colleagues on the platform, as well as hosting virtual contests and quizzes can further boost adoption 

Engaging Blue Collar Workforce: 

Engaging blue-collar workers, often with limited technology access and varying levels of tech literacy, presents a unique challenge. HR strategies need to be tailored to accommodate these circumstances, such as designing intuitive and straightforward interfaces, offering multilingual support, and providing offline engagement options like physical kiosks or bulletin boards. These strategies help bridge the technology gap and ensure active engagement among blue-collar employees. 


Embracing a new reward and recognition platform can significantly elevate an organization’s culture and employee satisfaction levels. However, it’s imperative for HR professionals to be prepared for the challenges that come with such a transformative change. From overcoming resistance to change to ensuring effective communication and training, navigating these obstacles is crucial for a successful implementation. By proactively addressing these challenges and fostering a collaborative approach, HR can maximize the potential of the new platform, fostering a culture of appreciation and driving organizational success.  

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