BlogInculcating the core values in your workplace

Inculcating the core values in your workplace

12 July, 2019

Inculcating the core values in your workplace

Organizations that follow their core values and principles build a strong team foundation and an even stronger organizational culture. However, the moral value of an organization can be easily lost in the hustle of a busy workday.

Imbibe core values by converting them into a specific, behavioral example. In addition to this, create a model of values for the organization and rewarding behaviors that demonstrate each value. Thus, constantly reminding employees about the core values of the organization and how to work towards those principles. It helps employers to observe behaviors and manage the organization’s brand and standards.

Let’s discuss ways to imbibe the core values of an organization: Organizations easily lose the sight of their core values when their focus is more towards the current tasks. By building a model for their values they have a guideline for all aspects of business, right from the decisions they make to the talent they source to the way they interact with customers.

Organizations can achieve this by respecting the moral values of employees and keeping it at the forefront. In addition to featuring it on the organization’s website and in the employee handbook, they can also post them where employees often gather, at places such as conference rooms, canteen, etc. Along with this, the top management should also regularly communicate with the teams.

Firms can also build a workforce that diligently obeys the organization’s values, making it a part of the hiring process. The HR department can create a questionnaire based on organization’s values and use it as a key strategy in assessing the candidate as a potential fit.

Candidates are often predisposed of sharing the organization beliefs. By using the questionnaire during the interview process you can identify candidates with similar principles that are crucial in building a team and can successfully dwell into the organization’s ethics.

The best way to bring your organizational values to life is to use them in the right way. Don’t just let your core values sit on the wall as a brand, imbibe it into your daily life at work. Breathe, play and work by them daily.

Some other ways to actively imbibe organizational values is by aligning them with the organization’s culture activities, such as volunteering together in social events. You can show your employees how it’s done by using character of the organization to guide business decisions and empower employees to do the same.

Employers should promote organizational values by rewarding employees for displaying behaviors that are in line with the organization’s principles. Feature your employees in the “employee of the month,” category in the organization’s newsletter, blog, or website or just give them a simple pat on their back, just be sure that the behavior doesn’t go unnoticed. After all, there’s no better way to promote great behavior than to reward it.

Building a core value model and following it will help your organization establish and propagate core values that are more than an office space punchline. The values you inculcate now, in turn, will provide the groundwork for a strong organizational culture into the future.

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