5 Rewards and Recognition Ideas to Express Gratitude during Festivals

22 September, 2022

5 Rewards and Recognition Ideas to Express Gratitude during Festivals

The much-awaited festive season is here, and people-centric organizations across all industries are gearing up for a delightful workplace celebration. From virtual employee engagement activities to on-the-floor merriment, the possibilities are endless! HR professionals are always on the lookout for fresh ideas that can ramp up the employee experience using rewards and recognition, employee engagement, and corporate gifting strategies. If you’re one of them, this blog is the optimal headway you need to plan your organizational festivities!

Here are 5 unique rewards and recognition ideas to express gratitude during the festive season.

1. Make Your Workplace Celebration a Family Affair!

What’s better than being recognized at the workplace? Being recognized in front of your loved ones! Offer your employees the opportunity to invite their family and friends at the office event, for instance, a Diwali or Christmas party. Consider hosting an informal employee recognition ceremony where managers can express their appreciation for any significant achievements or behaviors displayed by the team.

2. Roll Out Theme-Based Recognition and Award Categories

The technological advancements in HR have enabled a plethora of innovative R&R strategies, all made possible through a digital R&R platform. You can leverage such software to deploy customized employee recognition and award categories, designed exclusively for the occasion. For example, “Your energy lights up the work environment” can be an apt choice for the festival of Diwali, where managers and peers can recognize team members who showcase a positive, contagious energy.

Add a dollop of excitement by presenting theme-based trophies or plaques along with the awards! An R&R solution provider with a robust merchandizing and logistics unit can help streamline this process. Connect with us to explore our turnkey R&R platform and its’ myriad features today!

3. Organize a “Wellness Retreat”

People losing track of their fitness habits comes as no surprise during the festive season. Juggling work with familial traditions can get tricky and more often than not results in an unbalanced health regime. Thus, a wonderful way to show your employees that you care is by organizing a wellness retreat, that can include virtual sessions, a day-long spa and massage retreat, as well as a yoga or meditation camp. Feel free to mix it up and give the employee wellness strategy your own touch, but don’t forget the essence- Healthy employees are more productive, happy, and engaged.

4. Initiate an Employee Appreciation Drive

Research has found that doubling the number of recognitions in an organization leads to a five-point increase in employee engagement. So why not leverage this relevance during festivals, a time where most people tend to be distracted or disinterested in work-related tasks?

Consider conducting an organization-wide employee appreciation drive spread throughout the last quarter of the year, wherein you can encourage the workforce to recognize desirable characteristics over a wide range of categories. Leverage a digital R&R platform to make managerial as well as peer recognition convenient and accessible!

Read more about the fundamental types of employee recognition.

5. Curate Exclusive Quizzes to Boost the Festive Spirit

A great way to blend rewards and recognition into the festive season is by hosting quizzes related to the occasion or event. For instance, you can design and administer a dynamic quiz on the topic “Test your Diwali Knowledge” using an employee engagement software. Adding gamified elements and score-based rewards can further amplify the excitement around it!

Planning Your Festive R&R Strategy? We’re Here to Help!

The above ideas can be used to design an impactful and holistic employee experience strategy, particularly during the dynamic festive phase. Curious about how a digital R&R platform can help? Connect with us for an expert consultation and a free demo!

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