BlogUnderstanding employee experience through recognition – A psychological and technological intertwining 

Understanding employee experience through recognition – A psychological and technological intertwining 

19 May, 2023

Understanding employee experience through recognition – A psychological and technological intertwining 

In a world where digitization has become a necessity, what is the challenge that organisations face in taking the step to digitize their Human Resource programs? Reward and Recognition Processes of organisations, no matter what their workforce strength is, must be top-notch to maintain a healthy work culture and high productivity, which is possible by ensuring employees feel their best. Moreover, in today’s fast-paced business environment, organisations leverage technology to stay competitive and HR is one such area that can have a huge impact to streamline processes, improve efficiency, organise and assess data and enhance overall productivity. This blog will explore the endless ways a digitized HR Environment can help an organisation flourish!     

An R&R Software- How does this boost employee experience?   

Employees that are happy and engaged tend to be more creative, productive, and less likely to withdraw from their current position. While organisations constantly work to offer competitive compensation, employee satisfaction isn’t only about money! Employees value the prospect of influencing others, receiving appreciation and recognition for their achievements, and being acknowledged for their efforts. To make this recognition and appreciation seamless for a healthy work environment, R&R digitization can help in multiple ways.  

Employee Experience and Employee Recognition- A Psychological and technological intertwining   

  1. Our minds require recognition  

It takes more than a simple “thank you” for a job well done to show your gratitude for your employees. Dopamine, a hormone responsible for happiness, is hardwired into our brains to be released in reaction to recognition. According to a Gallup research, vocal praise for an employee should be given at least once each week.     

  1. An R&R platform- a holistic, tech-based experience   

One platform- many offerings! A Reward & Recognition Platform culminates multiple ways of employee engagement and employee experience is what a company needs to boost its workplace morale and employees’ happiness. Here are a few ways that can be done on an R&R platform–  

  •  Programs for Employees of the Month or Leaderboard  
  •  Awards for service duration 
  •  Team- or department-specific activities   
  •  Greeting cards 
  •  Spot rewards, Public Recognition  
  •  Events and celebrations at work   
  • And much more!   
  1. Diversity, Inclusion, and a centralized platform   

Employees from each demographic and socioeconomic belief need to believe that their employers value and appreciate their efforts. Employees feel strong ties to purpose, accomplishment, and one another when everyone in the company gives and receives appreciation for their effort. A centralized R&R Platform would ensure that everyone feels included in a way that displays everyone’s achievements cohesively and transparently! Moreover, by harnessing the power of psychological insights and leveraging innovative technological tools, organisations can create a workplace culture that fosters engagement, employee satisfaction, and feedback that can assist in making the necessary shifts.   


The ultimate goal is to transform workplace dynamics via the combination of psychology and technology in the area of employee experience. A platform like Gratifi can accelerate this transformation. By embracing this intertwining, organisations can create a psychologically safe workplace wherein reward and recognition processes, primarily, can be empowering enough for an employee to reach his/ her full potential! Contact us to supercharge your organisation for the long run!   

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