BlogUsing Reward and Recognition To Promote Value-Driven Behaviors

Using Reward and Recognition To Promote Value-Driven Behaviors

24 March, 2022

Using Reward and Recognition To Promote Value-Driven Behaviors

The Changing Definition Of Productivity

Productivity has gotten a bad rap in recent times due to its relentless focus on getting things done at any cost. In the contemporary economy, the ‘how’ is equally important as the ‘what’, thereby making quality, integrity and business ethics key differentiators for companies today. Besides, skills like team-building, collaborative work and inclusion are crucial to building an innovative work culture. Traditional R&R programs have failed to promote these more nuanced values as aspects of performance among employees.

Demonstrating Organizational Values

A company’s values are often found in mission statements or in corporate media communications, failing to inspire any real change in employees unless they are demonstrated. In fact, in a recent study, 93% CEOs failed to communicate their organization’s purpose statement clearly. It is imperative that a purpose statement and values are clearly defined in an achievable, actionable way. An employee recognition platform can greatly help in defining and proselytizing these values in the following ways:

1. Introducing Value-based Recognition

Having a value-based R&R framework means that the company’s management has endorsed a comprehensive method of measuring and rewarding value-driven behavior. For example- someone displaying extraordinary grace under customer criticism may be noticed and forgotten. However, if the action is instantly recognized on a digital R&R platform, it reinforces that behavior in the employee for time to come

2. Using Public Recognition by Senior Leadership

Publicly spotlighting champions of company values can be a great way of demonstrating them in action. Recognition by senior leadership can add to personal prestige while sending a clear top-down message

3. Nominations for Value-based Awards

A tangible reward for embodying company values in the form of a trophy, plaque, certificate and monetary reward points can create a lasting impact on the recipients and their associates. A digital rewards platform can help facilitate the delivery of such physical mementoes . It can also enable peer and self-nominations for value-based company awards, thereby making them inclusive and accessible

4. Introducing Peer-to-Manager Recognition

Managers are critical to employee engagement and motivation, as they are responsible for implementing organizational strategy. Highlighting their actions in the direction of honoring company values can be a great way to get reverse feedback on their influence and allow a culture of openness and equitable treatment

5. Celebrating Employee Milestones

Employees may exhibit corporate values even outside of their work, in the form of supporting a colleague through a life-threatening illness or contributing to social good through CSR or similar initiatives. Having a dedicated recognition category for such achievements can reflect positively on the management’s commitment to walk their talk in terms of what the company stands for

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, self-actualization is the highest human need which can be fulfilled through contributing to something higher than oneself. Holding employees to a higher standard through a company’s vision and values can be one of the most effective ways of harnessing their intrinsic motivation to find higher meaning in their work.

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