BlogWrapping 2023 and Unwrapping 2024: Gratifi’s Leaders Speak

Wrapping 2023 and Unwrapping 2024: Gratifi’s Leaders Speak

21 December, 2023

Wrapping 2023 and Unwrapping 2024: Gratifi’s Leaders Speak

The end of the year calls for reflection on past events and planning for the future. Hence, we took the opportunity to interview the 3 leaders at the helm of Gratifi’s operations- Tapas Lenka, Business Head- Gratifi, Pramod Ingle, Delivery Head- Gratifi as well as Payal Rai, Manager- Product Sales and Marketing. Read on as we cover topics related to recognition, company culture, HR tech as well as Gratifi’s unique offerings in the digital R&R space. 

The Journey of An Idea

We first spoke with Tapas, who summarized Gratifi’s journey as ‘Exciting, transformative and successful’. Gratifi started as a B2C e-commerce gifting website which garnered 1M+ customers within 2 years. Inspired by this success and backed by veterans in technology and corporate culture-building, the leadership forayed into building a full-fledged digital R&R solution for enterprises. Since then, there’s been no looking back. As Tapas commented- 

“We’ve done quite a few (R&R) implementations for global brands, which has helped us learn new processes around employee rewards & recognition

This cross-learning has enabled the team to empower organizations to become cultural leaders. Their client list features Fortune 500 brands and iconic Great Places to Work. The secret behind this success? The drive to continuously improve and focus on ‘human engagement’ while building ‘technical’ R&R solutions.

Engaging the Blue-collar Workforce

A powerful breakthrough for the team was developing employee recognition modules for an organization’s blue-collar workforce. It was especially challenging in cases where the distributed workforce is in semi-urban areas with limited access to technology. Pramod Ingle, Delivery Head, Gratifi expounded on this challenge.

“For Gratifi, the challenge was to provide quick and easy access of the platform to blue-collared employees. Gratifi offered interactive mobile and kiosk applications with a simplified user interface (to tackle the challenge).”

Creating Cultural Alignment

Gratifi has enjoyed a high customer retention rate due to its strong focus on customization and adapting to an organization’s specific needs, particularly its unique values and culture. As Tapas explained- 

“Any organization’s culture is built on its beliefs and value system. Through Gratifi’s recognition system, employees are recognized on these facets, especially values and behaviors. This ensures that every employee in the company stays aligned to the company’s larger goals.”

HR Tech Growth Trends  

Payal Rai, who heads Sales and Marketing for Gratifi, acknowledged how the digital rewards and recognition space is becoming increasingly crowded with technology providers. So how does Gratifi maintain its’ niche and stand out from the crowd? Payal credited the best-in-class support and care provided by the team, especially post the implementation of the platform. The key is to remain dynamic and aware of evolving customer needs. Payal asserted- 

“2023 has seen a continued (growth) trend among the digital R&R providers and one thing that we have observed is that organizations have become more conscious in terms of implementing an HR tech product that is highly adaptive.”


The 3 leaders concluded the interview by giving a one-word answer on what they were looking forward to the most in 2024. Tapas mentioned ‘Global Expansion’, Pramod went with ‘Innovation’, while Payal selected ‘Customer Success’. Here’s wishing progress in all 3 areas to this team poised to make new strides in the year ahead.

Enjoyed this interview post? Stay tuned for more interviews as part of Gratifi’s Culture Champions series. Looking to know more about our employee rewards and recognition platform? Request a product demo today.

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