BlogEmployee Gifting 101: 5 Benefits of a Corporate Gifting Platform

Employee Gifting 101: 5 Benefits of a Corporate Gifting Platform

6 December, 2022

Employee Gifting 101: 5 Benefits of a Corporate Gifting Platform

Gifts have been a way of expressing love, respect, and care since the beginning of time. The tradition of exchanging gifts among families and loved ones is a widely popular practice, mostly due to the feel-good element that comes with it. Similarly, within the workspace, corporate gifting essentially entails an emotional quotient that helps forge deeper connections with employees. It is certainly one of the most effective employee engagement strategies used by organizations across the globe to build brand awareness and foster brand loyalty.

In recent years, the gamut of corporate gifting has undergone a tremendous change, with many organizations adopting a corporate gifting platform to digitize their manual R&R processes. Beyond the apparent advantages such as ease-of-use and reduced manual overheads, we have enlisted some additional benefits offered by a digital solution in this blog. Read on to know more!


Automation is the ability to choose, customize, pack, ship, and track your gifts with reduced manual interference. The best corporate gifting platforms allow organizations to send occasion-specific gifts in bulk to amass employees, or even curate personalized campaigns for employee-specific gifting. Seamless integration with HRMS, ERP, and other in-house systems further eases the process, including automation of time-intensive factors such as shipping and tracking.


Scalability is a paramount characteristic of corporate gifting platforms, as it allows a wide range of organizations, from SMEs to MNCs, to leverage the power of digitization. Thus, regardless of the growing volume or size of your business, a digital gifting solution is equipped to function congruously, in line with your dynamic requirements.


As professionals, we spend a considerable amount of time with our colleagues, employers, business partners, and other stakeholders. It’s only natural to show them that their presence and contributions are valued and appreciated. The key to a long-lasting impact with a corporate gift is to make it personal- for instance, a simple logo imprint can transform a gift into a meaningful, engaging, and responsive experience.

There are several other ways of adding a dash of personalization, and this is where a digital corporate gifting solution really shines! Robust integrations and behavioral analytics can help devise a thoughtful gifting strategy based on individual preferences and buying patterns.

Read our blog on how digital corporate gifting solutions can help boost the employee experience for further insights!

Gifting Catalog

Sociology and behavioral psychology dictates that the significance of a thing is lost when you are overly familiar with it and if it is ubiquitous or mundane in nature. Likewise, organizations that resort to the customary chocolate boxes and sweets for every occasion have hit the deadpan with their employee engagement initiatives.

To be precise, the success of your corporate gifting strategy depends on how diverse, extensive, and unique your catalog is. Adopting a digital solution is one of the best ways to ensure that your corporate gifts never go out of style, as such platforms give you access to a comprehensive catalog that includes every perceivable gift- ranging from physical products, digital vouchers, gift cards, and experiential rewards.

Logistics and Reporting

A gift’s true value can be realized if you are able to view and measure its’ impact on the recipient. With a corporate gifting platform, you can ensure last-mile delivery and real-time tracking of gifts, courtesy the vendor’s robust logistics network. Furthermore, reports on gifts redeemed, delivered, and ordered can be generated with ease, that can help parse data and understand your employees’ preferences and needs.

Digitize the Art of Gifting with Gratifi!

The bottom line is clear- corporate gifting platforms are the enablers between an organization and its’ stakeholders as they help augment the employee experience through the art of gifting. It is worth mentioning that personalized corporate gifts also contribute to a more positive work culture brimming with happy, loyal, and engaged employees.

Gratifi gives you access to a global catalog of over 15000+ products across 500+ brands in 20+ categories with the option of onboarding specific vendors of your choice. Connect with us today to experience our corporate gifting module in action and explore the endless possibilities offered by digitization!

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