BlogBoost Employee Experience with Digital Corporate Gifting Solutions

Boost Employee Experience with Digital Corporate Gifting Solutions

7 June, 2022

Boost Employee Experience with Digital Corporate Gifting Solutions

Corporate gifting, the practice of creating meaningful touchpoints with employees, channel partners, and customers by celebrating important milestones and occasions, has been in the running since a long time. Furthermore, current trends suggest that corporate gifting practices will continue to grow in the next decade, with better personalization and enhancement to incur significant returns. Gifting, in its’ core essence, is based on the helm of a psychological construct- the one that makes an employee feel recognized and valued when eloquent moments are cherished and acknowledged by their employer.

94% of top business executives believe that gifting can impact a business relationship. With the emergence of endless gifting possibilities ranging from gift cards, e-vouchers, company swag, and tangible products, to name a few- the true purpose of corporate gifting which is to make an indelible impression and create a long-lasting connection with the recipient is being realized by firms across the globe.

In the words of Maya Angelou, ‘People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel’.

Traditional vs Digital Corporate Gifting

The traditional, manual approach to employee gifting was certainly effective in the past, but entailed laborious efforts from the HR, admin, and other relevant departments to get the process off the ground. Consider this scenario- you are in charge of getting holiday gifts for 1,000 employees. The end-to-end process from choosing the type of gift, ordering, storing, packing, and shipping each one of those items and keeping track of deliveries is now saddled to you. How do you accommodate and streamline this cumbersome task?

Calculating the voluminous human capital costs into your gifting campaign reveals the wide-ranging benefits of shifting to an automated solution. It should, thus, come as no surprise that digitization of the gifting process is one of the most trending developments in the R&R space; a plethora of R&R vendors and solution providers now offer corporate gifting as a key module in their software. The professional world is in dire need of a silver bullet that will joyously humanize all the relationships that constitute the business ecosystem.

Benefits of Digital Corporate Gifting

Traditional Corporate Gifting

Digital Corporate Gifting

Identify vendors and invite product options

Digital and physical product options online

Negotiate price and place orders offline

Define occasions and self-select gifts within a set budget

In-premise stock delivery

Employees opt for the delivery location

Admin department distributions

Last-mile delivery with notifications

Manual delivery tracking

Track real-time shipments

Word-of-mouth feedback

Survey feedback with analytics

Boost Employee Experience by Adopting a Corporate Gifting Platform!

A corporate gifting platform can act as a multi-pronged tool in fostering strong bonds with all your stakeholders and enriching your organizational culture in the following ways-

  1. Automation of the entire gifting process helps in reducing administrative overheads and manual effort
  2. Scalability of the platform allows for customized gifting strategies that cater to a large pool of recipients or a specific group, depending on the occasion-based requirements
  3. A diversified gifting catalog can be designed, where the organization can choose from a wide range of gift options including edible treats, digital vouchers, experiential rewards, and tangible gifts through a DIY portal
  4. Profitability shoots up with a corporate gifting platform, as post-paid invoicing allows for easy spend tracking
  5. Real-time data-driven insights into total gifts sent, rewards claimed, overall spend, and ROI

Centralized procurement and storage of gifts and last-mile delivery of products through the vendor’s logistics network

Customized merchandize with branded packaging and personalized messages to elevate the gifting experience

Perfect Gifting Moments to Keep in Mind

Since gifting is not just about merely rewarding someone, and more about nurturing warm relationships with your people, it should heighten the positivity and happiness quotient in the employee-employer dynamic. To achieve such a station, organizations need to celebrate not just work-related events or occasions, but also need to accommodate employees’ personal milestones into the mix.

This elevated employee experience comes from streamlining and innovating the R&R and gifting frameworks, because when done right, holistic rewards and recognition coupled with corporate gifting is a powerful way to build and maintain relationships with people- your greatest asset. Here is a list of noteworthy moments that can be leveraged to create the perfect gifting cycle for your employees-

Work-related occasions such as the onboarding, first day, performance, and retirement

  1. Life events such as birthdays, weddings, wedding anniversaries, and work anniversaries
  2. Festivals of respective countries, keeping cultural subtleties in mind
  3. Corporate events such as conferences, seminars, senior leaderships talk, product launch, and promotional events
  4. Important days such as Father’s day, Mother’s day, Men’s day, Women’s day, Labor day, and more

Ready to create a unique gifting experience for your employees? Connect with us today to experience our corporate gifting module in action and explore the endless possibilities offered by digitization!

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