BlogSupercharge your R&R Framework with Gamification

Supercharge your R&R Framework with Gamification

6 July, 2022

Supercharge your R&R Framework with Gamification

The intersection between game design elements and human psychology is a well-versed narrative. The dopamine rush and the innate desire for accomplishment is deep-rooted in the foundation of games as they tap into our natural competitive spirit. In the modern workplace, this technique translates to gamification, aptly defined by Gartner as “the use of game mechanics and experience design to digitally engage and motivate people to achieve their goals”.

However, successful gamification of employee experience requires a careful consideration of the ideal behaviors and performance metrics that need to be promoted among various business departments. Any gamified digital tool must reflect the organization’s brand identity, people demographics and company culture. If you are contemplating the implementation of a gamified R&R framework within your organization, this article can come in handy to realize your efforts. Read on for a detailed know-how!

The Salient Connection between Gamification and Employee Engagement

A Gallup poll cited reduced turnover, fewer absences, and better organizational performance as a few of the major benefits of excellent employee engagement. But while these benefits are clear, more than half of the executives are unsure of how to engage their people. Enter gamification– the silver bullet that can revitalize your R&R program and breathe new life into the digital employee experience!

Research affirms that gamification increases employee engagement by 60% and productivity by 50%. Furthermore, according to the Gamification at Work Survey, over four-fifths of employees said it makes them happier at work. This is because gamified techniques appeal to the powerful intrinsic motivators that all humans share, including autonomy, mastery, purpose, and social interaction.

Additionally, with the advent of hybrid working, this is a golden solution for employers as gamification is at the heart of the current, hyper-personalized digital ecosystem that employees are used to consuming outside of work. When done right, sprucing up your R&R strategy by infusing a touch of gamification can help create an engaging work environment to thrive in.

Gamification Elements Applicable in Your R&R Framework

Rajat Paharia describes the key elements of gamification in his book Loyalty 3.0. We have enlisted some of these as best practices that you may consider to adopt in your R&R framework.

1. Points: Just the way a player accumulates points throughout the game, organizations can implement a point-based rewards system in which employees receive reward points along with recognition. These points can later be redeemed for products of their choice from the rewards catalog.

2. Leaderboards: A leaderboard is the most stimulating element of gamification. A digital R&R platform can include a leaderboard that enlists the top recognition receivers, trending recognition categories, and any other relevant metric. This feature offers the limelight to top performers whilst motivating others to achieve similar feats.

3. Feedback: A gamified R&R software can allow for ongoing, real-time performance feedback through recognition e-cards, certificates, dynamic performance scorecards and more

4. Levels and Badges: In a game environment, the user receives badges that are shorthand for his past achievements along with ascending target-based levels. Similarly, employee recognition software can help amplify the impact of appreciation by pre-defining the number of recognitions that make an employee eligible for a badge or for upgrading to a higher level.

5. Competition: A dash of friendly competition is just the fuel you need to lighten up the workplace! Dynamic quizzes can be administered through a gamified employee engagement platform, and top scorers/performers can be awarded with a set of points, in addition to being mentioned on the leaderboard.

Success Mantra: Gamify to Engage!

The potential of immersive gamification is limitless when applied in a strategic manner. When people engage with your gamified R&R framework, insightful data can be procured in the form of reports available over the digital platform that can help track and optimize your efforts for future success.

Are you interested in gamifying your employee R&R program? While the above-mentioned gamified elements work well on their own, their impact can be intensified when incorporated into a cohesive, 360-degree engagement platform. At Gratifi, our expertise lies in designing a customized R&R and engagement platform where we adapt our gamification tools to match your unique cultural framework. Connect with us today to explore our revolutionary platform that adapts to your unique organizational needs!

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